BTS Served 'Harry Potter' Inspired Looks During Their SMAs Performance, So RIP ARMY

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Seoul Music Awards went down in South Korea on Tuesday, Jan. 15, and BTS rocked the stage with a performance of their hit song "IDOL." One thing fans couldn't get enough of during the performance, however, was the looks the BTS boys were rocking. The video of BTS' 2019 SMAs performance shows RM, Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope in glasses, ties, and warm blazers and sweaters that are giving me all the Harry Potter vibes.

The seven heartthrobs took to the stage to perform at the end of the Seoul Music Awards on Jan. 15. The group was nominated for a handful of awards and ended up taking home a total of three — the Daesang, Bonsang, and Record of the Year awards. So suffice it to say there was a lot of hype surrounding their performance once it came time for them to take the stage.

When they got on stage to perform, fans immediately noticed that Jimin and RM were wearing round glasses that gave off a serious Harry Potter feel. One of the sweaters the guys were wearing even looked like a Hufflepuff sweater. It was wondrous.

You can check out BTS' full Seoul Music Awards performance here. The first part of the 7-minute video breaks down the group's trajectory from when they first got together in 2013.

Pretty damn great, huh? Those guys are bonkers talented.

ARMY members (the group's official fandom) started tweeting about the Harry Potter looks almost immediately.

Earlier in the night, fans gushed over Jimin's new purple hair. This being his third hair color of 2019 (he went from blonde to pink to purple), they loved the bold new look he debuted at the SMAs.

They loved it so much, Purple Jimin was the sixth top trend worldwide on Twitter.

And when the group took the stage to accept one of the awards they won during the show, Jimin gave a special shoutout to his fans with the help of his hair.

Jimin and his fans use this one line, "borahae," to effectively express their love. It translates to "I purple you," so Jimin, being as adorable as he is, dyed his hair purple and made a great moment out of it.

He pointed to his hair on stage, smiled, and said, "Army... borahae!" And the fans cheered. Fans on Twitter ~purpled~ the moment a lot.

The Seoul Music Awards marked a big night for the BTS boys. They talked about their upcoming album a bit during their acceptance speech (and gave TXT a shoutout), they performed a killer performance of "IDOL," and basically all of the BTS ARMY freaked out on Twitter over their general amazingness.

The boys are still on tour and will continue to perform through April 2019. It's not clear if they will drop this upcoming album while they're still on tour or if fans can expect to see it later in 2019 after the Love Yourself tour has concluded, but if one thing's for sure, it's that the guys will probably change their hair color at least seven more times before then.