Blake Lively Just Revealed The Dark Story Behind Her Name In A Q&A With Anna Kendrick

by Hollee Actman Becker
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Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are the duo I never knew I needed. Seriously, you guys. The two stars of A Simple Favor sat down to film a video for Wired, and OMG you really have to see this thing because it's freaking amazing. The vid features Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick answering questions about themselves. And these are not just any questions, they are the most Googled questions. And some of them are kind of hilarious. Like, is Anna Kendrick scrappy? Is Blake Lively on LinkedIn? Is Anna Kendrick related to Kendrick Lamar? And how did Blake Lively get her name?

Turns out, the woman who once played It Girl Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl was named after her grandmother's brother. Who was murdered. As in MURDERED. But I'm jumping way ahead here because — spoiler alert! — that big reveal doesn't come until near the end of the video. So let's rewind for a sec here and start way back at the almost-beginning, right after Anna Kendrick cops to being scrappy AF.

"I'll tear your face off," she warns.

I don't doubt it. Here's how the Pitch Perfect star answers seven other questions the internet was dying to ask:


Is Anna Kendrick Squirrel Girl?

One person asked me if I would ever be a superhero. And my brother had sent me the Squirrel Girl comics and I said, 'Oh yeah, I'd like to be Squirrel Girl,' because I assumed it would be one of those answers that just like, goes away, instead of being something that becomes click bait. Boy, was I wrong."

Is Anna Kendrick Canadian?

OMG, that's so nice. I tricked people into thinking I have a good personality! No, I'm not Canadian. I'm from Maine.

Is Anna Kendrick in the band Echosmith?

There's a girl in the band Echosmith who does look a lot like me. That's why I know what the band Echosmith is. Shout to you, Echosmith!

So now that you're all curious, here is a picture of Echosmith:

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She really DOES look like Anna, dontcha think?

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Is Anna Kendrick related to Kendrick Lamar?

There's no way that anybody thinks that. There's no way! No, we are not related. But also: WHAT?! It's his FIRST name.

Does Anna Kendrick sing?

Yeah. SO beautifully.

Does she use autotune?

How dare you. How very dare you. That is rude. No, I don't! Have I had to do more than one take? Yes. Have I used autotune? Get f*cked!

What Anna Kendrick character are you?

Oh, is that from a quiz? I'm Stephanie from A Simple Favor, in theaters September 14th.

Well played, sis!

And now it's Miss Lively's turn...


How does Blake Lively work out?

I'm so glad people are interested in my career. I workout with Don Saladino, trainer to the stars.

She's not lying, guys:

How Does Blake Lively dance?

Super well. How does she dance? That's a very specific question. Maybe it's because I said, or my husband said, that I use a lot of elbows in life? So maybe they think it's just a very elbow-y dance. And if they thought that, they would be correct.

How did Blake Lively delete her Instagram?

It's not really deleting your Instagram. You just hide your posts, and then you can get them back if you want. But only pop stars do it, and you know I'm campaigning to become a pop star, so I thought it would bring me one step closer.

How did Blake Lively get her name?

Here's where things got kind of dark.

My grandmother's brother was named Blake. But he was murdered. So thanks for asking.

Is Blake Lively on LinkedIn?

Not for lack of trying. It's offensive how many LinkedIn invites I get. And an invite makes it seem lovely. It's not an invite. It's a parasite.

What is a Blake Lively ring?

Clearly not a Nuvaring.
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'Nuff said.