People Are Loving This Video Of A Dog & A Crow Playing Like BFFs

Everyone loves an unlikely friendship, whether it’s between an ogre and a donkey, a cat and a dog, or a boar and a meerkat. There is seriously no denying that inter-species friendships are absolutely adorable, and a recent viral video on Twitter proves that they can actually happen in real life. For real, if you haven’t already watched this video of a dog and crow playing together a thousand times over, I highly recommend doing so. It will truly change your perspective on like, everything.

All of my hopes and dreams were officially fulfilled last month on July 15, when Instagram account @jinxtheclown posted a video of his dog, Kendi, who is playing in his backyard with a crow. And while most dogs would probably chase a crow until they had the chance to — well — eat it, Kendi is simply interacting with the crow in a super gentle manner, and the crow seems to be enjoying it. The caption reads, “Meanwhile there is a Dinsey movie playing out in my backyard. Kendi and this wild crow are besties now.” It’s since been reposted by a number of Instagram and Twitter accounts, so check out the footage, below. Your heart will literally melt into a giant puddle.

OK, how cute is that? Both the crow and Kendi seem to be having a ton of fun. Honestly, get yourself a BFF like that crow or Kendi.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a lot to say about this rather unlikely duo. And while most commentary in the Twitterverse usually tends to be from negative trolls, it seems like this particular video really brought people together, after the @humorandanimals Twitter account shared it on Aug. 1. A dog and crow playing together could bring nothing but positive vibes, and that’s exactly what it did. Definitely make a point to check out what people had to say about the glorious footage in the tweets, below.

TBH, the video was really getting people in their feelings.

This rather unexpected pairing probably brings you back to earlier in the year, when that tweet went totally viral about a beagle who was raising a possum. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, my animal-lovin’ pals — a baby possum in Australia was abandoned by its family, and one family’s highly responsible beagle decided to chip in with a good deed, and raise the possum all by itself. There are videos and photos of the dog carrying the lonely rodent on its back, toting it around, and overall mothering it. It’s definitely another unlikely duo that you’ll want to check out today… trust me.

OK, real talk: if you weren’t tearing up before, you probably are now. There is truly nothing more adorable than an unlikely pair of animal best friends. And now that there’s proof that it can actually happen, I can go to sleep with peace of mind later tonight. Between the dog and the crow that love to play together, and the possum that is currently being raised by the beagle, there are so many interspecies friendships to stan. Honestly, I need to find more of them… this is seriously the type of mood-booster that I need more of in my life.