This Puppy-Possum Duo Is The Unlikely Friendship You Didn't Know You Needed

In my eyes, unlikely friendships are the best kinds of friendships. Just think about it: together, you both bring something completely different to the table. Maybe you and your bestie have completely opposite personalities, you might live across the country from each other, or you may just have totally different fashion senses. Regardless of what your differences may be, though, these tweets about a beagle raising a possum in Australia show that everyone needs a possum to their beagle. It seriously is the unlikely combination that everyone needs more of in their lives.

A beagle in South-West Victoria, Australia, has undergone a serious emotional roller coaster in the last few weeks. According to 9News, it all started when Molly the gorgeous doggo lost her entire litter of pups when they were first born. So it goes without saying that Molly was having a doggone "ruff" time. But a few days later, Molly was fortunately united with — well — a very unexpected pal: a baby possum, who had most likely been abandoned by her mom. The wide-eyed rodent (who the beagles' owners, the Moyles, have named Poss) jumped on the dog’s back, and it's seriously the cutest thing ever (she actually looks like a tiny backpack). Apparently, the two friends been completely inseparable ever since, and if you don't believe me, make sure to check out the video footage of the two, below.

Alright I don't know about you, but I have completely melted into a giant, messy puddle on the floor. Please go on with your daily business, and don't mind me.

Anyway, as you could probably imagine, the Twitterverse has gone buck wild over this swoon-worthy cross-breed team. Their furry friendship may be somewhat out of the ordinary, but it's definitely one of the cutest things I've yet to see since that dog went viral for petting his beloved feline friend. Make sure to check out all of Twitter's responses, below. You will definitely be glad you did.

If the video of the two of them combined with all of this support didn't manage to warm your heart at the speed of light, you might actually have a glacial soul made of ice. Molly and this baby possum were simply made for each other, and if you ask me, they might actually be an even more iconic duo than the Jenner sisters (sorry not sorry, everyone). This is — hands down — a friendship for the books.

A beagle and a possum best-friendship was most likely not what you were planning on reading about today, but it happened, and it probably transformed your life for the better. Molly has a teeny tiny baby to take care of, and the possum has a newfound mom (when she's not sleeping all day, of course). Anyway, hopefully this shiny bit of uplifting news has managed to bless your computer screen and transform your life, for that matter. You most definitely deserve it.