Someone Came Up With A Way To Avoid Being Hit On At The Gym & It's A Game Changer

Everyone has different tactics to avoid unwanted flirting. Whether you're grocery shopping or drinking at the bar, nobody ever likes a creeper. And if you happen to be gettin' your sweat on at the gym and experience some unwanted interaction, your immediate reaction might be to pull a giant paper bag over your head mid-workout, or even to run to another exercise machine. But one ingenious woman came up with the absolute perfect tactic, and she definitely deserves some mad props. Twitter user Olivia A. Cole witnessed it all go down, and her tweet about avoiding getting hit on at the gym is beyond pivotal and a total game changer.

For all of you that really can't stand getting hit on at the gym (aka most people): You no longer need to run away from those gosh darn lurkers. How, you ask? Well, we'd like to give major cred to our eternal inspiration, Olivia A. Coke, known on Twitter as @RantingOwl, because she has graced us with some sage-as-heck advice for clearing out those gym creeps. We really can't express our level of gratitude for her tweeting this strategy, and there's no doubt that this'll go to use during our next gym sesh.

So, in case you didn't get that, here's the basic breakdown of the strategy to avoid those damn flirty gym rats.

Step One: Spot the lurker.

If you see someone creepy with those "flirtatious eyebrows," get ready to make moves. You clearly don't want any of that coming anywhere near you during your "you" time at the gym, but not everybody seems to understand that, for some strange reason. Now, get ready and prepare for action.

Step Two: Announce that you have indigestion.

Okay so it might be a little embarrassing, but hear us out. Tell everyone in your workout space that you just passed some super smelly gas (even if you didn't), and that they should probably work out somewhere else. It might clear out more people than initially intended, but you'll do anything to get that approaching weirdo away from you. And on the bright side, they'll will most likely decide to go be sweaty and creepy somewhere else.

Step Three: If your friends or others in your vicinity question it, explain yourself (very quietly).

Your move was not only to protect yourself, but to protect everyone around you. You don't want a gym distraction, and you definitely don't want a creeper throwing off those workout vibes. Explain yourself, quietly, and everyone around you will probably just praise you forever.

If that doesn't work, and the creeper ends up demanding your phone number, just give him a fake one. But avoid using the same fake number every time, because those digits might be someone's actual number. Elsie, a girl in Australia, unknowingly gave her unwanted suitors the phone number of innocent dude, Joey Royle — and although it was a weird situation, he definitely had fun with it. He got thirsty guys to go on "dates" (where they'd inevitably be stood up), and even told them Elsie died. Even so, giving a fake number is definitely something we've all done in the past. Just keep in mind that the number you're giving out should probably be switched up every so often, to avoid annoying other blameless people.

Avoiding gym creeps can be exceedingly difficult, as we all know. But thanks to @RantingOwl, we all know to simply announce that we farted, and that it smells really terrible. If that somehow doesn't deter the flirter, just give them a fake phone number if they ask (but make sure you don't write down the same fake number you gave out last night!).

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