Jason Derulo steps out in an all black ensemble.

Did Jason Derulo Really Just Chip His Teeth Eating Corn With A Power Drill?!

SMXRF/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

Jason Derulo has been flexing on TikTok since 2016, and was one of the earliest celebrities to make a page for himself. Between his dance moves, cinematic mansion views, and comical pranks, he's become one of the most popular creators on the app. But his latest video got him into a bit of trouble. A new TikTok shows Jason Derulo chipping his teeth eating corn, and it's too much for fans to handle.

At this point, Derulo is the king of viral trends. He's taken on several couples challenges with girlfriend Jena Frumes, and completely slayed the popular "Nursery" song skit. He might need to reel the shenanigans in from here on out, though. Derulo posted his cringe-worthy corn eating video on May 19, and let me tell you, it was hard to watch.

"Hey have y'all seen this?" Derulo said in the video. "I've always wanted to try it." The "Swalla" singer then proceeded to place an ear of corn on a power drill, and chomp on it as the tool spun around.

All was well until the end of the clip, when Derulo groaned, clearly in pain. When he opened up his mouth, he revealed he had lost a chunk of his front teeth. You can watch the moment for yourself below.

It's tough to tell whether this was a well-curated prank or if Derulo really lost part of his pearly whites. Either way, fans spoke out with their thoughts.

"Good thing they were veneers right? Lmao jk," someone commented on Instagram. "My worst nightmare," another wrote. One fan insisted the video was just a prank. "I almost fell for it until I zoomed the teeth🤣🤣 but that’s a good one," they said.

Regardless of whether or not Derulo needs to take a trip to the dentist, he's got a lot to celebrate right now. The same day, he hit 20 million followers on TikTok, and he thanked his fans for their support.

Derulo is definitely living his best life on TikTok, but if he's going to continue flaunting his flawless dance moves, he might need to take the pranks down a notch.