I Worked Out To Taylor Swift's New Album 'Reputation' & I Can't Feel My Body Anymore

by Georgina Berbari
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are few things more important to me in my workout routine than a kickass playlist, and since I've always been a fan of my girl T-Swift, once her new album Reputation dropped on Nov. 10, I couldn't wait to start sweating it out to some of her new jams. Lucky for me, Reebok teamed up with NYC Equinox trainer Kendall Janicola ahead of the album drop to create a full-blown workout to Taylor Swift's songs on Reputation. And, let me tell you, this sh*t was no joke.

The workout, which combines strength training and conditioning exercises, encourages you to sing your heart out while you power through challenging movements like squats, jumps, and burpees. Each move is basically cued by one of the many things Swift is known to sing about in her songs: exes, fantasies, playing games, etc.

Honestly, if you ask me, screaming your off-key lungs out to your favorite, guilty-pleasure music is one of the best ways to get through any workout, and Janicola agrees: "There's no bad blood when you've got the right tracks to get you through an intense sweat session like this," she said in a statement to Elite Daily. Amen, girl.

Still, even though I had a blast going through this workout, I can't lie to you — it was hard AF. If you're interested in trying it out for yourself, turn on Reputation, and follow along with me:

Every time an ex‐boyfriend is mentioned, do 10 high knees.

Every time she references “playing games” or being fake, do three jump squats.

Every time she talks about dreams or fantasies, do five mountain climbers.

Every time you hear her sing the word “love” or “baby,” do three burpees.

Every time her reputation is mentioned, do three skaters.

Every time she talks instead of sings, do tuck jumps until she stops.

Seems simple enough, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

Georgina Berbari

Here's me, just chillin', loving life, no idea what my body is about to endure! So young, so pure.

Now, let me take you on a journey — song by song. I began with "Ready For It," a song that's catchy AF, but thanks to lots of talk about exes and, well, lots of talking instead of singing (why do you do this to me, Taylor?), that means lots of f*cking tuck jumps and high knees. Halfway through the song, I was already out of breath as I started to realize what I'd gotten myself into. Getting to the mountain climbers was honestly my favorite part, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed mountain climbers in my entire life prior to this point.

Next up was "End Game." In case you were wondering, Taylor says the word "reputation" like 17 times in the first three seconds of this song, so RIP to you and your body if you're trying this workout yourself. Seriously, I never knew how much I hated skaters exercises until this moment. Also, I made the executive decision not to count the parts with Ed Sheeran and Future in my workout, because water breaks FTW, y'all.

Working out to "I Did Something Bad" will basically set your booty on fire. But you know, maybe you'll be too distracted by all the jump squats to feel creeped out by the low-key murder-y vibes Taylor's giving off in this song.

Pretty soon, I came to the overall realization that I officially hate the words "love" and "baby."

Georgina Berbari

Or, you know, I guess I just really, really hate burpees. Peep my thrilled face when I'm not even halfway through the entire workout yet. Life is great, guys!!

By the time I got to "Delicate," I'd decided that Taylor cares way too much about her reputation. Like, was it really that pristine in the first place? Just be real with us, girl. Who are you trying to convince? Oh, and another thing — STOP TALKING INSTEAD OF SINGING. "Look What You Made Me Do" was basically some twisted version of hell where you just do tuck jumps over and over until you forget who you even are (Also, is Taylor talking about an ex for the entirety of "LWYMMD?" I threw some high knees in there just for good measure.)

The next three songs finally allowed me to catch my breath a little, but by the time I got to "King Of My Heart," I was immediately back on that burpee train, which I thought would be over when the song ended. But then "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" blessed me with, you guessed it, more freaking burpees.

Coming up to the home stretch, with only four more songs to go, I grabbed for my water and tried to chug it, but instead spilled most of it all over my face. #Graceful.

Finally, I made it to "New Year's Day," which was actually a really nice song to cool down to.

Georgina Berbari

(I may or may not have just laid there for 20 minutes after the song ended, though.)

So, would I do this workout again? TBH, probably not — at least not this exact workout. It was amazingly intense, though, and in addition to making me realize what my body's capable of when I push myself a little, it also made me appreciate just how freaking intense Taylor Swift's lyrics really are.

But as long as the girl keeps singing about her damn reputation, I think I need to find a workout that doesn't require me to do so many freaking skaters.