Meghan Markle's Fave Skincare Brand Is Having A Huge Sale RN & I'm Ready To Be A Royal


Let it be known that as I write this, I currently have a generous layer of Tatcha's Violet-C Radiance Mask on my face. I was late to the party when it came to trying über-popular brand, but now that I've finally given them a go, I'm more than obsessed with their unique formulas, great ingredients, and luxe packaging. If you're looking to try the brand out for less, allow me to alert you to the Tatcha QVC sale, a rare opportunity through which you can snag these pricy products for a major discount. All thanks to QVC and their fab beauty selection! Read on for the deets, and get ready to fall in love with your new fave skincare brand — that is, if you aren't already obsessed like I am.

Speaking of obsessed, I need to take a moment to remind you that Meghan Markle is Tatcha's number one fan. Yes, that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex! She swears by the Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder ($59, originally $65;, and her high praise has really helped put the brand on the map. Like, to the point where Unilever just acquired Tatcha for a reported $500 million. Imagine having $500 million bucks in the first place! TBH, I'd probably spend it all on Tatcha, too.

Anyway, back to the beauty of this damn good sale:

Looking for a skincare routine to give your skin the youthful glow it deserves? Right now, QVC is offering the Tatcha Ageless Renewal Face & Neck Four-Piece Kit ($146, for practically a quarter of what these four products would cost when purchased separately. All four full-size products total a retail value of $493 — Hi, that's almost half a grand, people! — so to snag this set for under $150 is major. Bless you for your generosity, QVC!

All the products are full-size, so let's jump right in and discuss the formulas. One of the brand's most iconic products is The Essence, an ulta-moisturizing product crafted with a Hadasei-3 Complex, which consists of fermented Japanese green tea, red algae, and rice bran extract. Pressing this baby into your skin before applying serums and moisturizers will help those products work even better, and leave your face pillowy soft.

Next up is the Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream, in that signature purple Tatcha jar. It utilizes the same Hadasei-3 Complex in its moisturizing, nourishing formula, along with peony and gardenia fruit extracts. Applying this after The Essence will make for your most supple skin ever. Goals.

Why should your face get all the love? This four-piece set also includes the Ageless Revitalizing Neck Cream, which, you guessed it, also makes use of the brand's signature Hadasei-3 anti-aging Complex. This luxe formula also contains mega-hydrators like squalene and hyaluronic acid from Okinawa red algae, so your neck and décolletage will be as plump and youthful as your face.

Last but not least, this bomb kit rounds out with the Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream, for your most sensitive skin. Peony, honeysuckle, and the Hadasei-3 Complex are hard at work in this rich cream, ensuring fine lines look smooth and dark circles get a wake-up call. This product is currently sold out on the Tatcha site, so if you've dying to try it, QVC is the move.

Want to save a ton of money and have youthful, glowing skin? Literally, who doesn't? Head over to QVC now to take advantage of the incredible deal that is their Tatcha Ageless Renewal Face & Neck Four-Piece Kit. You can sign-up for a one-time package or opt for the Auto-Delivery feature to get a new set sent every 90 days for the rest of the year. Who knows the next time a luxe brand like Tatcha will be this cheap, and QVC's sale will run until June 17 while supplies last, so my advice is this: Make the most of a good deal when you see one!