This Super Bowl Workout Game Is The Only Way To Stay Awake If Football Bores You

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, and that means tasty nachos, spicy wings, and sporty decorations galore. Whether you're a diehard football fan, or you honestly couldn't care less, chilling with your friends and bonding over America's favorite pastime (the halftime show counts, too!) is always a fun way to spend a Sunday. This year, you can even spice up your Feb. 4 celebration with a Super Bowl workout game that will leave all the guests at your party feeling stronger and sweatier than ever by the time the game is over.

Look, hear me out: No matter what your level of fitness is, this game is sure to be a great addition to whatever you've got planned for your Super Bowl festivities. And TBH, if you're known to snooze through most of the game each year (hello, it me), this is a great way to make sure your blood keeps flowin' and you actually stay awake long enough to see what sort of surprises go down at the halftime show (it's always something).

If at any point you want to throw in the towel after one too many burpees, remember that those athletes on your TV screen are absolutely kicking ass, all while freezing their butts off in the dead of winter in the chilly state of Minnesota. If they can do it, you can do it.

Try this workout game on Feb. 4 when you and your guests want to add a twist to a typical Super Bowl Sunday. You can reward yourself with all the nachos afterward, I promise.

For Every Touchdown, Do 20 Burpees
Bowflex on YouTube

Burpees are the exercise that everyone loves to hate, but these bad boys strengthen your entire body while giving you a healthy dose of cardio in the process.

The team who gets a touchdown will definitely be celebrating, but on the other hand, you'll low-key want to cry because, well... burpees are brutal. I'm kidding. Maybe.

For Every Field Goal, Do 20 Jump Squats
Howcast on YouTube

Pay close attention to your screen, and when someone scores a field goal, prepare for some serious booty work.

Regular squats are boring, so adding a little explosive jump in there will definitely keep things interesting. These bad boys work your calves, glutes, hamstrings, core, and even your quadriceps (aka the muscles by the front of your thighs). Honestly, you should probably be out on that green turf at this point, amirite?

For Every Beer Commercial, Drop Down For A One-Minute Plank
WatchItNow TV on YouTube

Ah, the sacred Super Bowl commercials. Everyone talks about them for days after the big event, and your core definitely won't forget the memorable beer ads after the ridiculous amount of planking you'll wind up doing.

The upside of this move is that you can still casually watch what's going on up on your TV while you're planking it out. Let's face it, if Budweiser decides to slay us all with another dose of heart-wrenching cuteness, you're not going to want to miss it.

For Every Extra Point, Do 10 Donkey Kicks (Each Side)
LivestrongWoman on YouTube

Seriously, if you've been avoiding leg day like the plague, this Super Bowl workout game will leave you with enough glute gains to last a lifetime.

Every time an extra point is scored in the game, it will (literally) kick your butt. Make sure you perform the exercise on both sides of your body — I see you trying to slack!

For Every Safety, Do 30 Mountain Climbers
Howcast on YouTube

Every time there's a safety, your heart rate is going to go way up, and not necessarily because of pure investment in what's going on during the game.

Mountain climbers work literally every muscle in your body, so I think you can say that you're pretty much training to be in a Super Bowl of your own. Now you just have to learn how to throw a ball around...

For Every First Down, Do 10 Tricep Dips
Howcast on YouTube

When there's a first down, locate a couch or chair and whip out some tricep dips.

If you want to amp up the challenge a little and take your Sunday festivities to the next level, test your strength by holding yourself in the dip position for a few more seconds before coming back up.

OK, where the wings at though?

For Every Fumble, Do 15 Crunches

We had to include a little more core work in there, let's be real, fam. Watch out for those fumbles, because your abs are going to be on absolute fire.

TBH, I definitely googled whether Tom Brady does crunches to prepare for the big day, but I actually came up empty-handed. Let's just pretend he does so that these won't be as brutal, OK?