These Super Bowl Party Games Are Perfect If You Couldn't Care Less About Football

by Georgina Berbari

The Super Bowl is kind of upsetting because it's the one Sunday a year that it's not socially acceptable to go to brunch. I mean, I guess you'll be eating and drinking to your heart's content anyway, but like, it's just not the same, you know? Nevertheless, you can still make the most of the sporty Sunday with some entertaining Super Bowl party games that might even make you forget that you have no idea what the f*ck is going on in the game. What is sports, amirite?

I get it, I get it — I'm probably in the minority when I say that watching huge dudes in helmets aggressively tackle each other over the possession of a rubber ball just doesn't thrill me. But I still grin and bear it, and I make an appearance at my BFF's Super Bowl bash every single year. It's a great opportunity to indulge in some kickass nachos and have quality conversation as the game casually plays in the background... what can I say?

This year, however, I'm totally suggesting that we play some party games to really get into the spirit of America's favorite past-time and feel festive AF. If you, too, are totally lost when it comes to sports, here are five Super Bowl party games you can play without actually having to know what's happening on the big green turf.

Commercial Bingo Cards For The Win

Let's be real: The commercials are definitely the best part of the Super Bowl, and probably one of the few things you're actually going to pay attention to. I mean, come on, that Budweiser puppy commercial that aired in 2015? All the freaking feels.

If you're looking to make those moments in between plays even more interesting, you can print out these pre-made bingo cards with words on them that might be said during the commercials, or you can even make your own based on what you think will be on TV this year.

Oh, and make sure you get a prize for the winner, because you need some sort of incentive for something that, TBH, sounds as lame as bingo.

Don’t Say It (Seriously, Don't)

This game is pretty straightforward and simple, but so much fun nonetheless. Basically, you have to pick a word that no one can say for the entire duration of your Super Bowl party, and have someone keep track of every time there's a slip-up. Try to pick something that's likely to be said pretty frequently on a day like the Super Bowl, like "football," or "wings," or "I'm bored" (whoops, sorry, that's probably just me).

If you want to get more in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, you can give penalties every time a guest says the off-limits word. Or you can even turn it into a drinking game if you want — you do you, fam.

Again, have a fun prize ready for the winner, like a makeshift MVP award if you want to follow the sporty theme.

Get Goofy With A Lip-Syncing Contest

OK, so everyone knows that both during the singing of the National Anthem and the halftime show, the lip-syncing game can be strong for whoever's involved. TBH, the words don't always sync up in time, and it's low-key really funny to watch, but I digress.

Anyway, gather up your girlfriends and put on your favorite tunes for your very own lip-syncing competition. Seriously, making total fools of yourselves will be such a fun time, and none of you even have to pretend you know what the score is in the game, so that's a win in and of itself... right?

The "I Don't Care" Drinking Game

Come on, it's the Super Bowl! You knew a drinking game was coming your way. If you and your friends are all of age, get together and toss a few back in the name of ~sports!~

Fair warning, you'll actually have to pay attention to what the sports announcers are saying during the game, so prepare yourself and follow these rules:

Take one sip of your drink every time the announcer says a player or team brought their "A-game," any time they say "this defense bends, but doesn't break," whenever they refer to a running back as a "workhorse," or any time they call a player a "real athlete." And, last but not least, chug your drink any time there's a touchdown.

Easy enough, right? Feel free to edit the rules or add more, depending on how wild you want to get, girl.

"Pop The Balloon" Game To Bring Out Your Inner Child

This is a post-Super Bowl game that you can end your festivities with to leave a smile on everyone's faces. Blow up some balloons based on the colors of the teams playing. (It's the Eagles and Patriots this year, people. I'm not that clueless.)

In each balloon, make sure you insert a little slip of paper that includes different football-related terms on them. Yeah, you're probably going to have to look these up (stop giving me that dirty look). On one of the slips, write down the score of the winning team. Whoever ends up popping the balloon with that slip of paper in it is the winner.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, my friends!