These Cute Cold Brew Gummy Bears Make Getting Your Caffeine Fix So 'Gram-Worthy

Courtesy of Sugarfina

If you're looking to fuel up during your day with the help of some impossibly 'Gram-worthy candies, you're in luck. Sugar fiends, listen up, because Sugarfina has teamed up with Alfred Coffee to bring customers the ultimate mash-up you never knew you needed, courtesy of a Sugarfina x Alfred Coffee Gummy Bear collection that perfectly combines your favorite gummies with the buzz of your go-to coffee. With three delicious flavors to choose from, each mini cup of gummies comes with the equivalent of one shot of espresso to keep you going all day long.

On Monday, April 22, Sugarfina announced it's releasing its newest collection, which happens to be "the world's first coffee-infused, caffeinated gummy bears," according to press materials. To be honest, it's the combination that I never knew that I needed, but now that I've heard of it, I'm surprised that others haven't tried this mash-up before. With the help of LA-based coffee shop Alfred, Sugarfina is infusing three flavors of gummy bears with the flavors of your favorite cup of joe. Sweets lovers can choose from buzzy bears infused with real Cold Brew, Bourbon Cold Brew, and Iced Vanilla Latte for an energy-filled treat that serves up 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving (aka one mini cup of gummies), according to press materials. To put that into perspective, that's equivalent to one shot of espresso, so you know that you'll definitely be feeling energized after snacking on these specialty sweets.

Courtesy of Sugarfina

According to Sugarfina's website, it looks like pricing starts at $7 per mini cup, or you can get a three mini-cup bundle for $21 if you want to sample all the different flavors. You can also purchase a bag of bears, which contains 180 mg of caffeine (or the equivalent of three espresso shots) for $14 if there's one variety you've got your eye on. Personally, I'm itching to try the Bourbon Cold Brew, which reportedly contains a splash of real bourbon for a hint of the distinctive spirit.

Rosie O’Neill, Sugarfina co-founder and co-CEO, said in a press release:

We’re so excited to partner with our L.A. neighbor Alfred Coffee to create the world’s first-ever coffee-infused gummy bears. With this collaboration, we’re combining two of our favorite pick-me-ups – candy and caffeine – in a delicious and adorable gummy bear collection.
Courtesy of Sugarfina

Sugarfina's Cold Brew Gummy Bear collection comes just weeks after the luxury candy retailer dropped a Pressed Juicery Green Juice line as well as a number of alcohol-infused candy bears inspired by the flavors of Whispering Angel Rosé wine, beer, champagne, and Casamigos Tequila.

Once the brand's caffeinated bears launch on Monday, you can pick them up at select retailers nationwide as well as on the Sugarfina and Alfred's websites. In addition, Sugarfina is rewarding 10 lucky customers who are on top of their gummy bear game this week with free treats. The first people to arrive at a certain boutique with a secret code (which will be unveiled on Sugarfina's Instagram Stories this week) will win a free "Coffee Bear Break," so I'd definitely keep an eye out on Sugarfina's IG account for more details in the coming days.