These 3 New Sugarfina x Pressed Juicery Gummy Bear Flavors Are The Tastiest Spring "Sips"

Courtesy of Sugarfina

I've never been one to get excited about sipping "healthy" juices. It's no secret that the green juice trend is here to stay, though, and now luxury candy brand Sugarfina teamed up with Pressed Juicery once again to create the fruity flavors of my dreams. In fact, Sugarfina x Pressed Juicery's new gummy bear "cleanse" flavors look extremely refreshing, and they're made with some of the same ingredients found in the good-for-you juices. In all honesty, it's the only cold pressed sip I could ever see myself getting behind.

Any fellow candy enthusiast probably remembers a few years ago in 2017, when Sugarfina released their "Green Juice Bears." It was the first time the candy brand teamed up with the juice bar — and if those green-hued bears tickled your fancy in any way, you will be happy to know the candy company is once again collaborating with Pressed Juicery. That's right — the two brands have teamed up to release three new Pressed-inspired flavors, which include: Roots, Citrus, and Vanilla Almond. All the flavors are infused with Vitamins A and C, per a March 11 Sugarfina press release sent to Elite Daily. To be completely real with you guys, they sound right up my alley. Sign me the heck up.

So, what's in these juicy bears? Per the release, the Roots Juice Bears feature apples, beets, and carrots, and you'll get a hint of "earthiness" with this "lightly-sweet" bear. Pineapple juice flavor and a "twist of lemon" are the stars of the Citrus Juice Bears, and the ever-so-different Vanilla Almond Bears will have you hooked if you already love Pressed Juicery’s Vanilla Almond blend.

Courtesy of Sugarfina

While each of the new flavors sound pretty incredible, the bottles are pretty unbeatable too — each set of bears comes in different-sized Pressed Juicery bottles. The Roots, Citrus Juice, Vanilla Almond flavors come in small 1.7-ounce bottles for $3.50; the Citrus Juice and Vanilla Almond flavors come in medium 7.4-ounce bottles for $6.50; and the Citrus Juice bears come in large 14.01-ounce bottles for $14. The Green Juice bears are also back, and they come in small 1.7-ounce bottles for $3, medium 7.4-ounce bottles for $6.50, and large 14.04-ounce bottles for $14.

If you're looking to take those juice shots wherever you go, on the other hand, you can get the Pressed Juicery 4-Shot Carrier for $14, which contains four individual shot bottles of each new flavor. And if you're looking to get enough bears to last you a week, try the new 7-Day Gummy Bear "Cleanse" — it includes seven shot-sized bottles for $25.

Courtesy of Sugarfina

You'll be happy to know that each new flavor are available at select Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery stores nationwide as of March 11. However, if you would rather order them to be sent to your home, they're available online on Sugarfina's website, and they'll be on Pressed Juicery's website as of April 14, 2019. Sugar heaven, here I come.

If you were feeling lucky on St. Patrick's Day this year, you probably had a taste of Sugarfina's Rainbow Collection. From the Rainbow Sours to Kyoto Blossoms, and most importantly, the 24K Gold Swizzle Stick, there were so many goodies the candy brand had to offer in honor of the luckiest day of the year. And while I'm sad I missed out on tasting them, the new Sugarfina x Pressed Juicery's new flavors are definitely keeping my spirits high.