This 24K Gold Swizzle Stick Will Add Some Serious Shine To Your St. Patty's Cocktail

Courtesy of Sugarfina

I'm still struggling to wrap my mind around it, but guys, it's already mid-March and St. Patty's Day festivities are only just a few days away. Whether you're planning to celebrate by bar hopping or keeping things chill at a house party, you'll want to check out Sugarfina's St. Patrick's Day 2019 collection to give you that extra sugar rush you need to get through the day. Featuring all the colors of the rainbow and coming in an assortment of sweet and sour flavors, these goodies are a tasty leprechaun-approved accompaniment to your St. Patrick's Day libations.

If you're a Sugarfina fanatic like myself, you know the drill: Every holiday, the confectionary rolls out themed candies that manage to pull off being seriously cute and delicious at the same time. After the “Cheers To Us” Champagne Bears and “Love You A Bunch” Rosé Roses that Sugarfina surprised its customers with for Valentine's Day, I was pretty stoked to see what they'd pull out of the bag for March 17 — and, no surprises here, they totally delivered.

TBH, I'd be happy to find any of these goodies from Sugarfina's Rainbow Collection at the end of a rainbow, because who needs a pot of gold when you're getting all your sugar cravings handled? (Or maybe that's just me). Anyways, Sugarfina regulars will probably recognize a few of the treats, like the 24K Gold Swizzle Stick, which promises to add some serious sparkle to your cocktail of choice come St. Patrick's Day. There's also a 24K Rosé Swizzle Stick if you're trying to get into that whole "rosé all day" mentality for March 17, so slàinte to upping the festivities with one (or five) of these 'Gram-worthy additions.


On the traditional candy front, favorites like gummy bears, sours, and lollipops have all gotten a St. Patty's-approved makeover in every color of the rainbow. As someone who loves the tartness of a sour candy, I was drawn to the Rainbow Sours, which are imported from Spain and promise to "bring a fresh burst of sunshine to your taste buds" for just $7.50. I mean, I can definitely get on board with that.

In you're not one for tart candies, I'd definitely recommend trying the Kyoto Blossoms, which are imported from Japan and come in shades of pink (strawberry), orange (orange), yellow (pineapple), green (muscat grape), and aqua (soda pop). The impossibly delicate treats, which retail for $10, look almost too pretty to eat, and it's pretty incredible that they are apparently the very same candies that the Imperial House of Japan serves to "dignitaries and distinguished guests," according to the product description. How is that for getting lucky?


Whether you choose to put any of these confections into your cocktail or eat them by the handful between sips, you honestly can't go wrong. These are just a few of the many options that can be found in the Rainbow Collection, so I'd recommend checking them out and deciding if you need a unicorn piñata (because, why not?) or some rainbow lollipops to really help you channel your inner Irish.