This Pool Float Holds Your Chips & Dip For Summer Snacking Made Easy

Courtesy of Heluva Good! Dip

If you've been spending a lot of time poolside this summer, chances are you've been in the market for a float that promises to double as a 'Gram-worthy accessory while holding all your summertime essentials. IMHO, there's nothing like soaking in some sun on a ride that pays homage to your snack of choice, which makes this SS Snacker pool float from Heluva Good! Dip a serious contender to consider this summer. Grab the dip, the chips, and your drink of choice, because this versatile accessory has got all your snacking and floating needs covered in one place.

According to press materials, the people behind Heluva Good! Dip announced on Monday, July 8 that they were giving fans another way to dive into their favorite flavors this patio season with an on-theme pool float. In collaboration with *NSYNC's Joey Fatone and Lance Bass, the company is giving away 100 of these bad boys through July 29 — and you're definitely going to want to score one of these freebies for all your snacking and pool-chilling needs.

Just like a double dip package, the SS Snacker is a two-seater pool float that makes it so easy for you and your BFF or boo to chill out together and chow down on whatever you're craving. Judging from the photos, it looks like there's three big holders in the middle, so you can grab a handful of chips, crackers, or whatever you're craving without leaving the pool.

Courtesy of Heluva Good! Dip

According to press materials, the SS Snacker is "customized to hold your favorite flavor of Heluva Good! Dip, dippables such as chips, wings and the works, a cold beverage of your choice and even your cell phone," but obviously you can put whatever you want in there. The point is, there's plenty of room for whatever you might want during your pool excursion.

Now, I'd be down to lay down some money for this bad boy, but there's a chance that you can score one of the 100 free pool floats for free by visiting and entering into the sweepstakes.

Courtesy of Heluva Good! Dip

I took a look at the fine print, and it looks like the drawing is random, meaning you have a good of a chance to win as any of the other participants. All you have to do is enter your first and last name, a valid email address, the state that you're a resident of, then check boxes confirming that you're at least 18-years-old, a legal U.S. resident, and you agree to comply with the rules of the contest. No purchase is necessary to enter into the drawing, which ends at 8:59 a.m. ET on July 29.

After checking out the official contest rules, there's just one caveat I noticed that you might want to keep in mind before entering. If you're a resident of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, or New Mexico, you're out of luck as you're not eligible to enter.

Courtesy of Heluva Good! Dip

Again, you only having until the morning of July 29 to enter, so I'd cast your name in the ring and load up on some snacks in preparation. May the odds be in your favor.