This Sloth Yoga Calendar Will Make You Say "It Me" Every Time You Look At It

by Georgina Berbari

I've never been more certain of something than I am of the fact that sloths are the greatest animals that ever lived. They. Are. Awesome. Too awesome, if you ask me. So you can imagine my unparalleled excitement when I stumbled upon a sloth yoga calendar that combined my two favorite things in the world: super chill fur-babies and yoga. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

First of all, I think the best part about sloths is that, even though everyone thinks they're totally chill and slow AF all the time, they do have their own hidden skills. For instance, according to National Geographic, sloths may be the world's slowest mammal, but apparently they're "surprisingly good swimmers," and they "sometimes fall directly from rain forest trees into rivers and stroke efficiently with their long arms." Uh, is there a cuter mental image than that of a little baby sloth swimming? I digress.

Anyway, miscellaneous sloth facts aside, I'm going to go ahead and assume that, while sloths may be surprisingly agile swimmers, they're probably not quite as bendy and coordinated as this calendar makes them look — but that doesn't make the whole thing any less adorable or hilarious.

These cuties are chillin' in some pretty OM-mazing yoga poses, and in each month of the 2019 calendar, made by Willow Creek Press, you'll get to see a sloth striking a different yoga pose. Is this what The Teens mean when they talk about "living your best life"? Because that's exactly what this feels like.

So maybe I'm being a bit too extra about how wonderful this sloth calendar is, but I can't help it, guys — this thing speaks to my soul.

In January, you can take some time to ring in the new year by admiring a sloth in urdvha danurasana (aka wheel pose), and in Feburary? Feast your eyes on a perfect little sloth striking a pincha mayurasana (aka forearm stand). Yeah, that dude's got skills.

I won't go through all the months and sloth poses because, TBH, you just have to see the magic for yourself. But whether you're getting this calendar for a sloth-loving friend, partner, or family member (or gifting it to yourself because #selfcare, duh), I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is this best present on the market this holiday season. Don't even try fighting me on that one, fam.

If you're not quite as obsessed with sloths as I am (first of all, I'm judging you a little bit), this calendar could, at the very least, inspire you to get on your mat each day and strike some yoga poses comparable to your furry, super chill companions.

After all, yoga is a predicted fitness trend for 2019, so it's only right. And anything that inspires you to move and get more in touch with your body is stellar in my book.

Consider downloading some yoga apps to get your flow on, or trying out a yoga YouTube channel online so that you can lazily move your limbs just like these adorable sloths.