The 7 Best Apps To Download If You've Fallen In Love With Your Yoga Practice

by Georgina Berbari

In a perfect world, you'd have a yoga studio around the corner from your apartment or office, and you'd leisurely hit up your favorite class every single day. Unfortunately, though, things like time, budget, and, you know, life's unpredictable shenanigans in general, tend to get in the way of such dedicated plans — but that doesn't mean you have to neglect your yoga practice altogether when you can't make it to an actual studio. When you're in a pinch, the best apps for yogis are the ones that let you flow, breathe, and ground yourself whenever, wherever.

When you first start out as a yogi (and even if you're a more advanced practitioner), it's definitely nice to have a teacher guiding you with hands-on adjustments and tips IRL in the studio. But, honestly, these apps are so informative and user-friendly that you won't even feel like you're missing much on those days when you decide to practice at home.

These seven apps will not only support your physical yoga practice, but they'll also help to ground you mentally with things like meditation sessions. Some of these apps focus on more challenging, workout-based flows, while others allow you to explore your Pranayama practice more deeply with guided breathing practices. Either way, these apps are sure to enhance your unconditional love for all things yoga.

The Down Dog App Keeps Your Body Guessing
iuli_draws on Twitter

Are you down, dog? To download this app, that is.

For real, though, each time you practice yoga using Down Dog, the app (which is free, BTW) creates a brand new vinyasa sequence, meaning you'll never, ever get bored with your home practice. Complete with awesome playlists and clear vocal instruction, you'll immediately feel blissed out with the endless, yogi-inspired content this app has to offer.

Daily Yoga Helps You Stay Dedicated
dailyyogaapp on Twitter

More than 250 yoga sessions will be right at your fingertips with the Daily Yoga app, and as a teacher of the practice myself, I am so here for it.

Daily Yoga can also sync up with your Apple Health app to help you keep track of all of your wellness goals. Plus, the yoga app encourages you to go directly into meditation right after you finish a video exercise, so you'll never skip your daily dose of mindfulness again.

Asana Rebel Will Teach You How To Challenge Yourself
asanarebel on Twitter

If you're looking for a more fitness-centered yoga practice that will leave you sweaty and satisfied by the time savasana rolls around, Asana Rebel is the app for you, girl.

From arm balances, to core work, to more low-key and relaxing options, you'll feel like the bendiest, most badass yogi around each time you flow with this free program.

Universal Breathing: Pranayama Is All About Your Breath Work
apptricker on Twitter

As a baby, you naturally breathe from your diaphragm, but as you get older, you involuntarily begin taking more shallow breaths, which is stressful on your body. The Universal Breathing: Pranayama app, which costs $4.99 to download, will help teach your body how to breathe properly and improve your ability to link your breaths with your movements in your yoga practice.

And, if you're rolling your eyes at the price, keep in mind that the app, according to its description, was actually created with the help of real doctors, so you are getting your money's worth, people. Inhale, exhale, and download, my friend.

5 Minute Yoga Workouts Knows How Busy You Are
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If you're looking for quick yoga sessions that you can keep up with consistently, 5 Minute Yoga Workouts has you covered.

I know a five-minute session sounds like it isn't nearly enough time for a legit, grounding yoga practice, but honestly, on those days when you're really swamped, five minutes is still better than nothing at all. This free app will remind you that any amount of time you dedicate to your practice is definitely enough.

FitStar Yoga Is Like Having A Personal, Pocket-Sized Instructor
fitbit on Twitter

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, traveling or chilling at home, FitStar Yoga was created to cater to all of your yogi desires.

The app is free to download, but you can also choose to upgrade to a premium subscription for cool features like custom audio tracks that play in the background of your yoga sequences, as well as HD videos that show you exactly how to do each pose. A monthly subscription is $7.99, and a yearly subscription will cost you $39.99.

The Yoga Studio App Has Something For Every Yogi
yogastudioapp on Twitter

The Yoga Studio app offers videos and sessions that focus on just about everything, including yoga for back pain, yoga for runners, mental-health centered yoga flows, deep, guided meditations — to say the least, this diverse app really does have something for everyone. You can even ~choose your class atmosphere~ depending on your mood, not to mention customize your sessions by using your own personal playlist.

Yoga Studio is free to download, but you can check out some of the advanced features with a free trial week, and if you're into them, you can upgrade to an annual subscription for $19.99 per year.