These Shark Week Manicures Are The Fiercest Things You'll See All Day

What started as an effort by Discovery Channel to educate people about some of the ocean's most incredible creatures has now turned into a national media treasure. Shark week-themed parties, Shark Week beauty products, and even Shark Week nail art are all glorious byproducts of the fierce television event and as someone who once watched four straight hours of programming about Great Whites, I am all about it. Running between Sunday, July 28 and Sunday, August 4, Shark Week will undoubtedly bring about lots of oohs, aahs, and probably lots of eye-covering, so to get into the spirit of the event why not head to your nail salon for a toothy mani of your own?

While I don't think I'd necessarily rock sharks on my fingertips, there's no question that it's both impressive and fun to see how nail artists interpret their watery visions on teeny tiny canvases. From nails featuring the jagged gaping mouth of a Great White to those featuring the more angular noggins of Hammerheads, the scope of designs is incredible. Check out TK of the most terrifyingly good manicures below and try not to get too creeped out — some are so realistic they're scary good.

Let's start off with one of the sweeter manicures of the bunch. Featuring a baby blue base color, each ring finger nail is decorated with a cute aquatic design — the floaty is cute, but the shark with a flower behind its ear (gills?) is beyond adorable.

See what I mean when I say some are very realistic? This mani is shockingly detailed and so beautiful!

Half sweet, half scary, this manicure boasts plenty of festive glitter along with a full mouth of razor sharp teeth. Another nail is painted with a fin protruding from the water for a much more calming shark motif. If that's even a thing.

Featuring awesome iridescent detailing, this manicure seems to truly embody the crystalline spirit of the ocean. Cleverly, one nail has been turned into a surfboard with a bite out of it — I'm guessing it's vicious neighboring nail is to blame.

Pastel hues make everything feel sweeter, even sharks. The red and white striped rescue tube adds a cute pop of bright color.

I'm not quit sure what the inspiration for this trippy nail art was, but I am so into it. Tie-dye has been the breakout trend of summer 2019 so it makes sense you'd want to rock it on your nails. But why the sharks emerging from within the rainbow spirals? Because #sharkweek. 'Nuff said.

And finally, one for all you move buffs. Jaws was the first movie I saw that scared the pants off of me and I still don't think I'm over it. Actually, I take that back — Jaws made me never want to take my pants off again because I thought a shark was going to jump out of the toilet while I was eating and chomp my butt off. But hey, why not pay homage to the film on your nails!