The New Rifle Paper Co. & Anthropologie Collab Is Travel Style #Goals

To some travelers, seeing the world isn't just about hopping on a plane, checking into dreamy hotels, and trying new cuisine. It's not necessarily about the cool excursions, either. To them, traveling is an opportunity to show off their unique style in pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a bustling subway station in New York City. They live for fashionable moments and things like the exclusive Rifle Paper Co. and Anthropologie collection.

Because you clicked on this article, I'm sure you can say the same. You may plan your outfits well before departing for a trip, and lay out the accessories you're going to wear with each one on your bed. You might own packing cubes and a travel-sized steamer that will iron out your chic blouses so your #look is never not on point. I'd even be willing to bet your trip itineraries are always jam-packed with the latest and greatest Instagram spots — restaurants, attractions, and several colorful walls that'll stand out on your feed.

TBH, you're the kind of traveler I aspire to be, because your style is chic and your closet is filled with pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, which is essential when you're on the road. But even if you're a newbie to the travel style game, you're bringing your best and brightest self around the globe and will likely love the travel-related products in the Rifle Paper Co. and Anthropologie collaboration. Let's get into it, shall we?


According to the press release, on Sept. 25, 2019, Rifle Paper Co. and Anthropologie — two incredibly aesthetically-pleasing brands — launched an exclusive collection that'll make any traveler squeal with excitement. The collection features monogrammed mugs, accessories for your carry-on bag, and more.

The designs are whimsical with flowers, bright and saturated colors, and little bits of gold detailing that'll shine in the sunlight on your next European vacation. They read sweet phrases like, "Bon Voyage," and are covered in hand-painted illustrations that'll speak to your wanderlust. In addition, the press release states every product in the collection aligns with Rifle Paper Co.'s grand mission: "to create beautiful, high-quality designs for customers to use and enjoy every day."

What more could you ask for than a purposeful and cute wallet when you're traveling, or a luggage tag that helps you spot your suitcase on the baggage claim belt? I know that, for me, that's key so I feel organized when I'm on-the-go and can focus on making new and exciting memories.

Sween Shots/Stocksy

The creative and unique collection dropped before Rifle Paper Co. will celebrate their 10-year anniversary in Nov. 2019. Co-founder and chief creative officer, Anna Bond, noted in the press release this isn't the first time these two companies have collaborated and brought their creativity to consumers.

"We are so excited to launch this collection with Anthropologie, who we’ve worked with since the early days of Rifle Paper Co.," she said. "For the collaboration, we’ve designed into new categories that will give our customers the opportunity to bring Rifle Paper Co. into their lives in new, meaningful ways."

Chris Sotz, General Merchandise Manager at Anthropologie, spoke to the new and old of this passionate collaboration as well, stating via the press release, "Our shared passion for artful motifs and elevated whimsy have made for a perfect partnership. The anniversary collection is the ideal opportunity to celebrate our relationship by revisiting many customer-favorite prints and introducing new, only-at-Anthropologie artwork."

Long story short: The prints you may have already seen on phone cases or planners that hold your travel schedules may make a comeback in this collaboration. Personally, I'd explore the new illustrations, and pick up the Meadow Travel Wallet for $36, the Bon Voyage Passport Holder for $28, or the New York Coin Pouch for $24.

To shop the new collection for yourself, simply go to the Anthropologie or Rifle Paper Co. websites and hit "Add to Cart" on the pieces you love. Whether you've traveled the globe or you're newer to the travel game with lots of items on your bucket list, these pieces will take your travel style to another level.