Puma & Barbie Collaborated On The Coolest '90s-Inspired Sneakers & You'll Want Them Immediately

Collaborations involving children's toys or classic food products or beloved television shows can sometimes go very, very wrong and feel overly cheesy. This Puma x Barbie collaboration is not one of them. It's legitimately cute — like, every piece is ace — and doesn't feel in the least bit infantile or cringe-y. It's a well-curated selection of '90s-inspired athletic wear and sneakers that you'll be excited to wear to the gym or wherever — and I'm not just saying that as a former Barbie nerd.

I was that girl with the full Barbie kitchen, complete with a stove that would let you flip plastic pancakes on top with the help of a negative magnetic field. I had Dr. Barbie and all the interior makings of a doctor's office, and I even had a pink convertible car for my rich Dr. Barbie to drive. While I didn't own a giant pink house, I did have a working hot tub and a mermaid Barbie that lived in it. I was obsessed with the plastic dolls as a kid, to say the least, so this collaboration naturally holds a special nostalgia-fueled place in my heart. The fact that it's actually really rad and not in the least bit tacky is a welcome cherry on top.

Launching Friday, March 29, the collection celebrates 60 years of Barbie's existence. Comprising leggings, a track jacket, a top, and some eye-popping sneakers, it's a full head-to-toe look bursting with pops of bubblegum pink (would you expect anything else?).

The jacket is black and accentuated by pink arm stripes and aqua piping — a palette that screams '90s. The Barbie logo stamped onto the right arm of the jacket is the only indication that it was created in collaboration with the doll — it otherwise totally looks like something you'd see in Puma's regular line.

The leggings follow suit, also featuring aqua piping and pink details, while the top, which is pink and features a white grid pattern, brings a complementary print into the mix. Together, the pieces complete an envy-inducing collection of workout gear, but the pièce de résistance (or pièces, I should say) is definitely the sneaker.

One look at it and images of a jazzercise class might come to mind. It's throwback in appearance through and through and fits in with the current dad sneaker trend in its own unique way. Grounded by a chunky white tread, the heel of which has a pink and aqua stripe rippling through it, it's definitely got that so-nerdy-it's-cool vibe. A predominantly pink upper sits atop the tread, featuring both silky and printed textiles. White laces and a two-tone tongue make the shoe even more dynamic, while thick accents of golden yellow complete the punchy style. It's a shoe that will definitely turn heads on the street, which might allow passersby to get a glance of the old school Barbie logo on each of the shoes' heels.

Told you the collection was legitimately good — now go ahead and rep your favorite childhood toy in style.