Popeyes' Mardi Gras Beadbox Is The Perfect To-Go Order For Fat Tuesday Celebrations

Courtesy of Popeyes

March is here which means it's almost Mardi Gras time! On March 5, people everywhere will be celebrating Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, to mark the day leading up to Lent. Nowhere in the U.S. is Mardi Gras more festively and intensely celebrated than New Orleans, Louisiana, so leave it to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen to come up with the best way to help festival-goers celebrate it. This Popeyes Mardi Gras Beadbox for Fat Tuesday 2019 is the perfect way to kick off Mardi Gras this year and satisfy your fried chicken cravings at the same time.

On Tuesday, March 5, Popeyes Mardi Gras beads will be available outside of the Canal Street Popeyes restaurant, Popeyes' flagship location in New Orleans. Just order any Popeyes snack box, grab the beads outside the store, and string them through the box for a wearable lunch or snack. It's that easy! You can be festive and satiated at the same time, enjoying Mardi Gras events without having your hands full. Popeyes Beadboxes are a one-day only happening, so make sure to grab them while you can.

Here are some pictures of the Beadboxes, in case you want a visual of the fried-chicken-Mardi-Gras goodness you'll be in for if you're around NOLA on March 5.

Courtesy of Popeyes
Courtesy of Popeyes

If there's one thing Popeyes knows how to do (besides fried chicken, of course), it's creative food campaigns. In October last year, the fast food chain introduced fried, double-stuffed Oreo bites which were described by Popeyes as a "dessert treat" that is "made with Double Stuf Oreos coated in funnel cake batter and fried." The same month the company introduced deep fried Oreos, it hit a big milestone: opening its 3,000th location. To celebrate, the fried chicken chain put champagne-flavored, gold-coated chicken wings on select menus across the country for one day which, TBH, looked too fancy to even eat. Around Thanksgiving, Popeyes released its precooked Cajun Style Turkey, rubbed with its signature Louisiana-style seasonings and priced at $39.99 for a super-affordable and easy Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal.

But Popeyes' most creative food campaign was the Popeyes 12-Hour Drive Thru, which the company created to celebrate its 12-hour marinating process. Here's how it worked: Popeyes fans placed their order at a standalone drive-thru menu in in a small Texas town called Fort Stockton, right off Highway 10. After a 12-hour and over 800 mile drive, the orders were prepared and ready for pickup at the flagship Popeyes Canal Street in New Orleans (the same one with Beadboxes). There, the ambitious fried chicken lovers would pick up their meals for free, which would surely be all the more enjoyable after hours on the road.

So whether Popeyes is serving up a Cajun-style thanksgiving meal, putting a delicious spin on your favorite dessert, asking fans to drive cross-country for a free meal, or creating hands-free Mardi Gras meal boxes for hungry festival-goers, there's no doubt that the fast food chicken chain is one of the most creative restaurants around. Happy Mardi Gras, and happy snacking!