Courtesy of Popeyes

Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey Will Make It So Much Easier To Host Friendsgiving

Let's face it: Friendsgiving is a ton of fun, but it's also a lot of work. First, your friend group needs to decide where the potluck is going to be held. Then, everyone has to claim which dish they're going to make (I always go for the macaroni and cheese). Usually, the person who's hosting the gathering is entitled to making the turkey — but that's tough! Heck, my friends usually opt for a rotisserie chicken to avoid putting someone through that. However, it looks like things are gonna change this year, because Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey is here to make Friendsgiving a little bit easier. In fact, turkey duty has never seemed so simple (and delicious).

So, why does Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey make Turkey Day celebrations so damn easy? Because it's precooked, that's why. According to the fast food company, all you'll need to do is heat it up and serve it — so don't worry about checking the temperature every 10 minutes. Not only will the Cajun Style Turkey make hosting Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) a lot simpler — but it also sounds super appetizing. Per Popeyes, the turkey is "hand-rubbed and infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings." YUM.

TBH, it sounds tastier than any turkey I'd be able to cook by myself.

Courtesy of Popeyes

Don't worry about the turkey losing its flavor by the time it gets to Friendsgiving, either. According to Chew Boom, the delicacy is frozen and vacuum-sealed after it's seasoned. What's better is that the turkey is big enough to serve a hungry group friends (depending on how many of you there are, of course). Once it's cooked, the Cajun Style Turkey is 13 to 16 pounds. FYI, the average weight for a Thanksgiving turkey is 15 pounds, according to the University of Illinois Extension's Turkey Facts webpage. With that being said, you can expect a hefty serving when you bring one of these to the table.

Now, you're probably wondering how much the Cajun Style Turkey costs. (If you're hosting Friendsgiving, I understand wanting to keep the prices down.) Luckily, Popeyes' Turkey Day delicacy won't break the bank. According to the company, the price of a Cajun Style Turkey starts at $39.99. If you split that with your friends, you can get away with paying less than ten bucks each for a yummy dinner (again, that depends on how many people you end up inviting to your gathering).

If you're sold on the Cajun Style Turkey, you should preorder one at a participating Popeyes location ASAP. Apparently, they sell out quick — so get your Friendsgiving plans in order. After you preorder your turkey, you can pick it up at Popeyes before Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving, or throughout *most* of December, per The Daily Meal. Per Popeyes, some stores have enough to sell into December, but it is only available while supplies last, so I'd keep that in mind.

You still have time to map out your Friendsgiving gathering, so start planning it as soon as you can. Now that you know about Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey, you can claim the dish and order one for the party.