The photo of John Legend and Miles at the beach twinning shows how similar they really look to each ...

John Legend & Miles Are Twinning So Hard In Their New Beach Photo

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend keep proving time and time again that their children, Luna and Miles, are their literal clones — and that's not just when it comes to their looks. Besides being their parents' mini-mes, Luna and Miles are just as fun and goofy as them. This photo of John Legend and Miles at the beach twinning is another example of how alike the father-son duo is.

After spending the holidays in snowy Wyoming, the Legends went on yet another vacation, but, this time, they went somewhere much warmer. The family traded snow for sand because they headed to the beach for their post-Christmas festivities. Although it's unclear exactly where they went, based on their photos, it was somewhere undeniably beautiful.

On Dec. 30, Teigen shared a picture of Legend and Miles chilling on the beach as the waves flowed by them. They looked like twins already, but their matching, blue swimming trunks and gleaming smiles made them look more alike than ever before. "Da bears," Teigen captioned the post.

Fans couldn't help but point out the similarities between the father-son pair. "Twins gorgeous pic," "Twinning," "He is your mini me John," and "Who is who" are just some of the comments fans left under the pic.

Before sharing the photo of Legend and Miles, Teigen posted with Miles, too. "Sloppy kisses from the best bear I know," Teigen captioned the photo.

Of course, she also had to share a picture with her hubby. "Also gives good kisses," Teigen wrote.

Before jetting off to the beach, the Legends stayed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they celebrated Christmas with friends and family. Their winter getaway was one to remember, as Teigen and Legend surprised their kids with Santa Clause Christmas morning, and the kids had a fun "fried chicken party dance" to end their Wyoming stay.

"Feeling pure happiness and joy and especially appreciative of being shacked up with a view of the mountains and the pure, cool air flowing through the windows," Teigen wrote about her winter vacation.

It looks like the snow was fun while it lasted, but nothing beats relaxing days at the beach with the Teigen-Stephens fam.