This Serving Dish Will Actually Alert You Of Double Dippers At Your Holiday Party

Courtesy Of Philadelphia

With the holiday season almost in full swing, there's a likely chance you'll be attending (and maybe even throwing) a few social gatherings, parties, and soireés in the next couple of weeks. And if your party-going habits are anything like mine, you're probably most looking forward to eating all different kinds of snacks. While I'm not picky at all, chips and dip are quite literally my vice, and if you also feel pretty strongly about the beloved snack combination, this Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector will protect you from the most heinous of party fouls: double dipping.

Although I find double dipping to be one of the most offensive and least acceptable public acts of grotesqueness, people still continue do it... all. The. Freaking. Time. I've seen people double dip crackers, chips, and even carrots. I've witnessed some partygoers triple dip. I've even caught a few of them putting their finger in to get a little more, after already dipping their chip (so gross!). Luckily, though, one ingenious cream cheese company, Philadelphia, has come to the rescue with a totally glorious invention to combat this issue: the Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector. Check out the video below to see it in action. I couldn't be more grateful.

If you haven't already heard about the Philadelphia Dips Double Diptector, per a press release, it's a pressure-sensitive smart bowl that hooks up to your smartphone camera. It detects the offender with a motion sensor, and proceeds to alert everyone at the party with a blaring alarm. Then, it sends a picture the person to the connected phone holder. In my personal opinion, it's the invention that almost every party needs. Check out the infographic below, to see how it works. It's pretty fantastic, if you ask me.

Courtesy Of Philadelphia

LOL, for real, how great is that? As a passionate chip lover, dip enthusiast, and most importantly, an avid party thrower, I'll be needing, like, three (or a million) of these. To keep it in the Philadelphia family, you could fill it with one of the two delicious Philadelphia dips, Philadelphia Southwest Black Bean Dip and Philadelphia Jalapeño Cheddar Dip.

However, I'll definitely be needing one for guac, another salsa, and — finally — a third for some old-fashioned queso. Philadelphia Dips is clearly coming in clutch this holiday season, as this might be the greatest invention of 2018. I'm completely serious RN — there are too many guilty double dippers out there that get away with it all too frequently (George Costanza: I'm looking at you).

If you're trying to get your hands on one of these babies in the next few weeks, you can bid for one on eBay right now. The current bid is going for a whopping $305, so you might want to start saving up that money, honey.

Again, if you're really freakin' serious about dip, I have some extremely solid news for you. Giant avocados — called Avozillas — are currently growing in Australia, and trust me when I say they could literally feed an entire family (and if you come from a guac-loving family like mine, that's definitely saying something!). Check them out if all you want for Christmas is an endless amount of guacamole, because I definitely do.

With Christmas and New Years coming up, there's a lot to be excited about right about now. But if you're planning on throwing any parties, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is coming in clutch with their famous Double Diptector, to ward off any double dipping fiends. Don't forget to bid for one on eBay before someone snags it. That would be a real holiday tragedy, if you ask me.