7-Eleven's Peeps Marshmallow Latte is here for spring.

7-Eleven Is Selling A Peeps Latte That Actually Comes With Yellow Foam

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

With a returning sip, 7-Eleven is here to sweeten up spring for all the marshmallow Peeps fans out there. Seriously, the Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Latte at 7-Eleven combines the flavors of coffee and the classic Easter treat. While you're probably used to munching on the sweets found at the bottom of your Easter basket, if Peeps in your latte also sounds like a great treat, here are the deets on the candy-flavored beverage.

The Peeps Marshmallow Latte is back at 7-Eleven, following its inaugural launch in spring 2020. According to the chain, the sip tastes like a sweet, creamy blend of coffee and Peeps candy flavor with a yellow foam on top. Available nationwide at participating 7-Eleven locations as of late March, you can grab a Peeps Latte in all sizes. Pricing varies by size and location, but some participating stores are offering a 79-cent large beverage deal for 7Rewards loyalty members, so if you act fast, you could score the sip on the cheap.

If you're looking for an iced latte, you may want to grab a different option because the Peeps Marshmallow Latte is only available hot. While there's no specific date the Peeps Marshmallow Latte will be off the menu, just know it's only available while supplies last.


The marshmallow-flavored latte isn’t the only spring offering at 7-Eleven, so if you’re looking for a festive bite to complement your sip, you’re in luck. The convenience store is also selling limited-time 7-Select treats, including frosted shortbread cookies shaped like bumblebees and butterflies in Instagram-worthy spring colors like yellow, pink, and orange. The price for each seasonal option varies by location, so it's best to check your 7Now delivery app to see pricing near you.

In celebration of the springtime foodie offerings, you can also do some good and enter for a chance to win a prize when you order a Peeps Marshmallow Latte through Tuesday, April 27. To get in on the giveaway, you’ll need to round up your Peeps Latte purchase to the nearest dollar to donate to local Feeding America food banks by scanning your 7Rewards barcode in the 7-Eleven app or rounding up during checkout through the 7NOW delivery app. Once you do, you'll be entered to win that week's prize. Upcoming prizes include an RV excursion sponsored by Nestlé Waters and the opportunity to create your own Snapple flavor.

If a Peeps Marshmallow Latte sounds right up your alley, remember to check the latest CDC guidance on social distancing and masking before heading over to your local 7-Eleven.