A Trippy New 'Rick & Morty' Video Has Fans Convinced Season 4 Is Coming Soon

Cartoon Network

Rick and Morty fans have waited a long time for a new episode, but that wait may be over soon. The cult-beloved animated series unexpectedly posted a new video clip on Twitter, and although we still do not have an official Season 4 premiere date, fans are convinced that the video is a sign that new episodes are on their way soon. So, does this new Rick and Morty video prove that Season 4 is coming soon, or is it just a random bit of fun to ring in the new year? Let's get into everything we know about the mysterious new season.

It has been over a year since the last new episode of Rick and Morty aired, and there has still not been a peep about when the new season may premiere, so fans are understandably antsy right now. The good news is that Cartoon Network ordered a whopping 70 new episodes of the animated hit back in May of 2018, so a fourth season (and many more beyond that) is definitely on its way. And now, fans think that the new season is about to drop following a cryptic new video.

On Wednesday evening, the official Rick and Morty Twitter account posted a 15-second clip of new content, seemingly suggesting that new episodes are on their way. The trippy video is a psychedelic trip through the eponymous characters being transformed into different beasts and objects, as their voices whisper their names in the background. Although the video does not include a premiere date, it may actually contain clues about Season 4. Check out the new video for yourself below:

The part that seems most pertinent to the upcoming season is the very end, when we see Evil Morty's eyepatch pop up on the screen. Towards the end of the third season, this evil, trans-dimensional version of Morty grew to become one of the show's main antagonists, and his appearance in this new clip seems to confirm fan theories that Evil Morty will figure prominently into the upcoming fourth season.

Another previously minor character that we know for sure will return in Season 4 is Mr. Poopybutthole. At the tail-end of the Season 3 finale, the imagined-into-existence character promised that fans would meet his family in the next season of the show, so we can expect an episode centered on the whole Poopybutthole family.

But of course, the biggest question of all remains when will Season 4 of Rick and Morty actually premiere. The show has not exactly been known for keeping up a consistent release schedule, so it is hard to make a premiere date guess without any official confirmation, but this new video does seem like a good sign that the season premiere is about to be announced soon enough. The previous two seasons had their official premieres towards the end of July (although Season 3 did technically air its first episode months earlier as an April Fool's Day special), so maybe we can look toward July of this year as a possible premiere date. It's really anyone's guess right now, until Cartoon Network makes an official announcement.