This Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal Exists To Give You The Early Taste Of Spring You Need


I've got some good news and bad news to share. I'm going to give you the bad news first because I want to give it out of the way. The bad news is that it is still January. Seriously, this first month of the year always feels like it goes on forever. The good news is that Kellogg's is releasing a new Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal that's going to melt away your winter blues. The pink and blue breakfast treat is a little slice of heaven in the cereal aisle, but it will only be available for a limited time.

OK, before you run out to grab a box, there are a few things you need to know. Some boxes of Peeps' Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal are already on store shelves, per Kellogg's. BUT, the cereal is currently under a nationwide rollout. If you haven't spotted Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal at your local grocery store just yet, don't panic. According to Kellogg's, the cereal will be available just in time for Easter. This year, Easter takes place on Sunday, April 21. I don't know about you, but I'll be counting down the days until Easter. I am a big fan of Peeps, so I *need* this cereal in my life.


If you've ever enjoyed a Peep in your life, you're probably wondering how Kellogg's could possibly convert the marshmallow deliciousness into cereal form. As I said, I haven't tried Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal yet but I feel confident that it's pretty dang close to the real thing. According to Kelloggs, the tiny cereal crisps are flavored with marshmallow and you'll notice that there are marshmallow bits throughout your bowl. The cereal is made with whole grains and is lightly sweetened because it wouldn't be Peeps without that iconic sweet taste.

The cereal box features two of Peeps' most notable creations including a pink chick and a blue bunny. In addition to the yellow-colored cereal bits, there are pink and blue cereal hoops modeled after the chick and bunny. There's no difference in flavor between the two colors. Think of it as pretty pops of color throughout your cereal bowl. The marshmallow flavor is just an added bonus.

Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal is being sold in 10.5-ounce boxes. That's a pretty standard cereal box size. Just a piece of advice from me to you that you should consider grabbing an extra box for when you inevitably plow through the first carton in no time. Or at least that's my game plan.

Instagram user @mnmtwinz found a family size box of Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal. I suppose it's possible that you might get lucky and find the oversize box at your local store, so keep your eyes peeled.

I do want to mention that Peeps Marshmallow-Flavored Cereal is only available for a limited time. Kellogg's did not have an exact end date for the springtime cereal but said the product would be available while supplies last. You should be able to find the cereal at your local grocery store or any other retailer that stocks Kellogg's products like Target and Walmart.