These Vanilla Crème Peeps Hearts Are Perfect If You're So Over Valentine's Chocolate

Whenever I think about Peeps, springtime usually comes to mind. However, the multicolored marshmallows that you know and love are here for a different season — and they're about to make Valentine's Day a lot sweeter. The Peeps I'm referring to aren't chick-shaped or yellow in color, though. Instead, these ones are shaped like hearts and have a cozy taste that'll leave you wanting more. They're called Peeps Valentine's Day Vanilla Crème Hearts, and they're already available for snacking. Go ahead and treat yourself to a package of 'em in honor of the romantic holiday.

I know, I know, these Peeps might sounds too good to be true — but they're definitely not. In fact, you can buy them at Target for $1.39 a package. Why would you spend your hard-earned cash on these adorable goodies? Well, take their flavor into consideration. As I previously mentioned, the Valentine's Day Peeps taste like vanilla crème, which means your sweet tooth might fall in love with them. TBH, they sound so delicious that I would totally choose a package of these over a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Speaking of heart-shaped goodies, let's talk about the shape of these Peeps. If they don't scream "romance," then I don't know what does.


As you can see, every Peep in the Valentine's Day package is shaped like a heart. Plus, their color scheme will give you all of the romantic #vibes. By the looks of it, the Peeps are light pink in color and have red speckles on them. TBH, I think they're adorable. Whether you're treating yourself to a romantic snack or buying dessert for your bae, these Peeps are perfect for the occasion.

Believe it or not, these aren't the only Valentine's Day Peeps that Target is currently carrying. The go-to retailer is also selling Peeps Love Bird Pops, which are basically "marshmallow chicks on a stick," according to The Peeps included in the Love Bird Pops are have a Valentine's Day vibe, too, and are colored red, pink, and white. What makes them even cuter is that each package has a special saying written on it that'll make anyone swoon. According to Target's product page, the message says, "To My Lovebird, XOXO."

How cute is that?

If you're leaning more toward the Peeps Love Bird Pop, you can buy it on Target's website for only $2.09. But if you're feeling extra giving (or if you want to treat yourself to some goodies), go ahead and buy both Peeps treats. If you do, you won't even hit the $5 mark by the time you're on the checkout line. Talk about treating yourself on a budget, am I right?

According to Target's online store, each of these Valentine's Day Peeps products are new to Target. Elite Daily reached out to the store to see if they are Target exclusives, but has not heard back by the time of publication. Still, you can purchase the marshmallows straight from Peeps' website by clicking here.

As you can see, Peeps are back for the romantic holiday — and they're about to make the season a whole lot sweeter.