Heinz Is Selling Kranch Sauce That’s Made With Ketchup & Ranch For A Tasty Bite

Courtesy of Heinz

If you love to dunk your fries, burger, chicken nuggets — whatever food — into any sort of sauce, brace yourselves. Because this new Heinz Kranch sauce is about to revolutionize your condiment game. When I'm not dunking my fries in ketchup, you can catch me with a side of ranch on my plate. I've never thought about mixing the two condiments together, but I'm intrigued by the prospect of it all. That's exactly what Heinz is doing with the release of its latest condiment.

Heinz is growing its robust collection of condiments by adding Kranch Sauce to the lineup. Per Heinz, Kranch Sauce is a combination of ranch and ketchup. (If anyone knows ketchup, it's Heinz, IMO.) To kick things up a notch, Kraft added in a special blend of spices to further enhance the flavor of Kranch Sauce. I know, it sounds kind of strange to me, too. But, it also seems kind of genius.

Starting in April, you can find Kranch Sauce at grocery retailers nationwide for the suggested retail price of $3.49 a bottle, according to Kraft. I couldn't find it at Target. However, it's still fairly early in the month, so I'll keep checking back.

Courtesy of Heinz

But, I did have some luck locating the product at Walmart. According to the Walmart website, one 19-ounce bottle of Kranch Sauce costs $2.98. So, it's a little cheaper than Kraft's suggested retail price of $3.49. This is a good reminder that the cost may vary depending on where you shop and where you live. Price aside, I think it's totally worth grabbing a bottle to have on hand for any upcoming outdoor barbecues you may have planned for the spring, or just to keep in the fridge for your next meal.

In March, Heinz launched two other new condiment mashups. One of the new flavors is Mayocue. This one is made with mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and a special spice blend, according to Heinz. It honestly kind of sounds like a delicious aioli that I'd slather on a turkey and cheese sandwich. More, please.

The other new condiment that Heinz unveiled last month is Mayomust. This flavor blends together mayonnaise, mustard, and an undisclosed mix of spices to amp up the flavor, according to Heinz. This particular flavor is a little more obvious to me since mayo and mustard are two very popular condiments. I've never been much of a mayonnaise person, but I can definitely see the appeal here.

However, of these three new offerings from Heinz, I think that Kranch is going to be my favorite. Ranch and ketchup couldn't be more different in terms of flavor, IMO. On one hand, ketchup offers a sweet and tomato-flavored taste. On the other hand, you've got ranch, which has a great creamy and tangy flavor to it. As I said, it's never occurred to me to mix the two sauces together. But, OMG, this one sounds like it's going to be my go-to condiment for the foreseeable future.