There was a Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide reunion

The 'Ned's Declassified' Cast Reunited & Teased A Possible Revival, So Get Excited

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

If you weren't watching Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide in the early 2000s, then I'm honestly not sure how you made it through middle school. The iconic Nickelodeon series debuted in 2003 and ran for three seasons, following the titular Ned Bigby and his two BFFs, Jennifer "Moze" Mosely and Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook, as they navigated James K. Polk Middle School (and all the awkwardness of pubescence) together. It's been nearly 13 years since the series reached its conclusion, but a recent Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide reunion has fans wondering if a revival is in the works.

On Feb. 9, the show's three stars — Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee — took to Instagram to share pics from their meet-up, which appeared to take place in one of their apartments. Werkheiser kept his caption simple, while Lee's caption asked fans if they were interested in a "re-[boot emoji]." Rob Pinkston (aka Coconut Head) also got in on the fun, commenting, "THE PROPHECY HAS BEEN FULFILLED" on Werkheiser's post. Shaw's Insta even included a photo of the trio with NDSSG creator, Scott Fellows. Her caption: "My heart is so full after seeing my Ned's family!! Really excited at the possibility of creating with you all again." Um, details please!

Though they don't get together often (or at least don't publicly document it), all three actors frequently post throwbacks from their NDSSG days. Two of the three James K. Polk besties even had a mini-reunion three years ago, which Werkheiser and Lee both documented on Insta. "Guess who's back?" Werkheiser captioned his pic, while Lee captioned his own post, "Always great brainstorming with the Fam." Lee also tagged their location as "CBS Television City." CBS and Nickelodeon are both owned by ViacomCBS and, along with its original programming, CBS All-Access is soon adding Nickelodeon content to its catalog. Just saying!

While I can only imagine what a NDSSG reboot would look like (would there be any bullies? Insane teachers? Gross school lunches? Coconut Head?), I'm 100% down with the possibility of it happening. And even if nothing comes of their reunion, seeing Ned, Moze, and Cookie together again still feels like a gift to my inner middle schooler.