Natural Light released a sour seltzer variety pack for a limited time.

Natty Light Launched A Sour Watermelon Seltzer Flavor Just In Time For Patio Season

Courtesy of Natural Life

Natty Light is re-entering the spiked seltzer wars just in time for patio season, thanks to the drop of a mouth-puckering (and very crave-worthy) new offering. A Natural Light Sour Seltzer variety pack now exists, and it features four tart fruit flavors to choose from. With unique offerings like a watermelon and green apple hard seltzer on the docket, this lineup will be a regular part of your summer sips rotation if you're 21 years or older.

For a limited-time, spiked seltzer fans looking for an extra burst of flavor will be able to purchase the new Natural Light Sour Seltzer variety pack as it rolls out to retailers nationwide in May 2021. The unique variety pack, which includes four simultaneously sweet and sour flavors to choose from — Rind & Dined Watermelon, No Capple Green Apple, Razzle Dazzle Blue Raspberry, and Slice for What Lemon — clocks in at 6% ABV per can and features fruity flavors just like the OG Natural Light spiked seltzer lineup. However, the pack's tantalizingly tart flavors, which sets it apart from other options in the hard seltzer mass market, makes it a refreshing addition to your summertime sipping.

The sour seltzers will be available to purchase in a variety pack of a dozen and in 12-ounce cans. You can also purchase the Rind & Dined Watermelon flavor solo in a 25-ounce can. Prices will vary from state to state, but you can expect them to be similar to that of the regular Natty Seltzer variety pack or single cans. It looks like you can order it online starting at $11.99 for a 12-pack at Total Wine, but you might want to consider calling ahead, checking your store's website to make sure the size you want is in stock, or ordering ahead for pick-up.

Courtesy of Natural Light

Natty Light first launched hard seltzer in 2019, and since then, the company has dropped plenty of summertime sips, like Naturdays Strawberry Lemonade Beer. And now, we have sour seltzer.

While the Natty Light Sour Seltzer variety pack promises to make your patio season sipping a little more mouth-puckering, keep in mind that this tart iteration will only be available for a limited time, meaning there's no telling when it'll leave shelves. So, if you love sour flavors and do happen to see some of these variety packs in stores, don't hesitate to load up so you're stocked all summer long. As you buy in store, remember to keep in mind the CDC's most updated guidance for social distancing and masking.