This Miley Cyrus "Slide Away" Halloween Costume Will Make You Feel So Glam

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

The countdown is on, witches! Halloween 2019 is almost here — do you know what y'all are gonna dress up as yet? Here's the good news: If you're struggling for a novel idea, you really needn't look any further than Miley Cyrus' "Slide Away" music video. Cyrus dropped "Slide Away" right after news broke that she and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, were splitting up after less than a year of marriage. The popstar's sexy, sparkly lewk in the accompanying music video is a total look-what-you're-missing vibe. So get ready go back to the city lights, because here's how you, too, can pull off a Miley Cyrus "Slide Away" costume.

There's no denying that the video for the single is a beautiful, if tragic, masterpiece. It starts off with the "Malibu" singer floating alone in a pool filled with empty wine glasses and depleted bottles of alcohol, a likely reference to the her "Slide Away" lyrics that say, "I want my house in the hills/don't want the whiskey and pills." Sad stuff.

Oh, and BTW, Cyrus isn't wearing a swimsuit as she marinates in this littered, post-party pool. She's wearing a gold chainmail dress and matching strappy shoes. I mean, that's how I always dress to take a dip, don't you?

The actual dress Cyrus wore in the video was reportedly gold vintage Versace — because of course. A similar look would set you back a cool $50K, and that's without those matching Gucci belts Cyrus has strung around her waist.

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

Luckily, you can emulate her stunning golden goddess style for a lot less with this dupe from NastyGal. It's called "You've Got Chainmail," and I would totally buy it just for that name.

Also, I don't know who made the delicate sandals that Cyrus sports while floating around in the vid, but I think these metallic heels from Pretty Little Thing are a pretty close match:

Now, let's take a closer look at those gold link belts:

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

If Gucci's not currently in your budget — it ain't in mine — I think two or three of these babies from Amazon would be a pretty cool way to accessories your ~pool~ attire.

You'll also need a whole bunch of chunky gold bracelets like the ones Cyrus is rocking when she rests her head on the side of the pool.

MileyCyrusVEVO on YouTube

I count over a dozen of them, and you can score a bunch of similar bracelets over on Amazon. Here are a few of my faves that you can mix, match, and layer.

To complete your "Slide Away" look, grab a 10 of hearts playing card, which fans are convinced represents Cyrus' 10-year relationship with Hemsworth coming to an end. Then, emulate Cyrus' wet-look hairstyle by combing gel through your saturated locks and topping it off with an oil spray to create major shine.

Congrats, you're officially not 17 anymore. Oh, and the best part about this costume? You can totally reuse it on New Year's Eve.