This Liam Reference In Miley's "Slide Away" Video Will Break Your Heart


Guys, stop whatever you're doing because a new Miley Cyrus video is here. After delivering an emotional performance of "Slide Away" at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, Cyrus has now dropped the video for her single and it's so captivating. Seriously. Every shot is so beautifully done and you'll probably want to repeat the video a few times because it's that good. "Slide Away" is a really nice song on its own, but with the video, the song becomes so much more meaningful. Fans think the song is about Cyrus' split from Liam Hemsworth, and fans who paid close attention to the video say they even found a Liam Hemsworth reference in Miley's "Slide Away" music video.

So what is this little reference, you ask? Well, throughout the video, you see Cyrus floating around in a pool with empty glass bottles in it, referencing her "Slide Away" lyrics that say, "I want my house in the hills/don't want the whiskey and pills." In the pool, you'll also see a ten of hearts card. Of course, this could mean anything, but one fan pointed out that the hearts could reference Cyrus and Hemsworth's 10-year on-and-off relationship. "10 of heart for 10 years they were together," one fan wrote on Twitter.

That's such a good theory. I don't think the card was put there randomly, right? So many artists hide easter eggs in their music videos, like Taylor Swift and BTS, for example, so why not Miley Cyrus? The card could totally mean something important and maybe Cyrus is waiting to see if fans figure it out.

Another fan noticed how in the "Slide Away" music video, Cyrus is at a party but she doesn't seem too happy about it, which is the total opposite of how she looked in the "We Can't Stop" music video. The fan said the "Slide Away" MV could be the aftermath of the party in the "We Can't Stop" MV, and that is such a smart way to look at it. Honestly, I didn't even notice the similarities between the videos until now.

I have a feeling that there are so many more easter eggs hidden in the "Slide Away" music video. Like I said, each shot is so interesting, and I have a feeling that fans will find more hidden meanings in the video after they watch it a few times.

If you haven't done so already, you should definitely check out the "Slide Away" music video, which you can watch below.

That was so good, wasn't it? I loved the song so much already, but after watching the video, I think I found a new appreciation for the lyrics, which tell a heartbreaking story about lovers growing apart.

The lyrics, "Once upon a time, it was made for us/Woke up one day and it turned to dust/Baby we were found but now we're lost/So it's time to let it go," really hit me in my feelings each time I hear it.

Miley Cyrus never disappoints. Now excuse me while I go watch the "Slide Away" music video yet again.