This Theory Claims Meghan & Harry Revealed Their Baby Name Options On The Royal Website

by Jamie LeeLo
Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

OK, whoa. Someone might have just messed up in a big way over in the royal office. Meghan Markle is due to deliver her baby any freaking moment, which means the world, and especially the U.K., is in a frenzy trying to guess what she and Prince Harry will name their first child. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been playing it extremely coy with their pregnancy and have made it clear they will be keeping the birth (and obviously the sex and name) private until further notice. However, this Meghan and Harry baby name theory might be threatening to give up the whole enchilada. Is it possible the royal website just made a major mistake? Maybe.

Usually, I take all royal conspiracy theories with a grain of salt. It's actually impossible to know what goes on in the royal family behind palace walls unless you're in the royal family behind those palace walls. So, even when reputable sources speculate about the inner dynamic of the famous family, or analyze royal tradition and history, yadda yadda, everyone is admittedly just doing the best that they can with the info they have.

How-ev-er: This theory seems to have a little bit of weight behind it.

People think they've figured out the gender and short list of names Meghan and Harry are batting around for their impending (maybe) son, and here's why...

The official royal website, www.royal.uk, has landing pages for all major members of the family. This includes the children. As an example, Cosmopolitan pointed out if you search the URL www.royal.uk/princess-charlotte, you're taken to Princess Charlotte's official page. The same goes for the URL's /prince-george and /prince-louis.

So, naturally, a few people started testing names out. Let's use my name as an example, if I search www.royal.uk/princess-jamie, I am met with a "page not found" message. (Pfft.)


The plot thickens, though, when you consider all the good guesses royal enthusiasts could test out. Express noted someone gave the traditional royal boy names Arthur, James, and Alexander a whirl and noticed those URLs bounce back to the royal.uk homepage. Some fans are theorizing this means they are reserved or in use, they just aren't "live" as of right now.


Does this mean that Meghan and Harry are having a boy and maybe, just maybe, have picked Arthur, James, and Alexander as their top three names?! Let's be real, it makes sense! The royal palace is trying to do damage control, explaining to Yahoo UK:

A large number of search term redirects were set up some time ago on royal.uk. This was in order to improve user experience. For guidance you will note that other names preceded by ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ produce the same result.

Uh-hu. Sure. And I'm Queen Elizabeth.

Regardless of whether or not the world just cracked the impending royal baby name code, one thing is certain. We will meet him/her soon enough! Keep your eyes on Kensington Palace's Twitter feed where they will reportedly be announcing when Meghan is in labor. We're sending happy, healthy, (maybe) royal baby boy? vibes your way, Meg!