This Summer Tote Fits All The Ingredients To Make A Marg & It's The Best Companion For Pics & Sips

Going into the next few months of sunshine and pool days, I hope you're asking yourself one question: "What does my ideal summer look like?" For me, it's spending a week in the Caribbean or exploring the beautiful beaches of Europe. It's also taking drives down to the coast and capturing the good times and tides in Polaroid frames. For you, though, the ideal summer may look a little bit different. You may want to spend every weekend with your besties, chill on flamingo-shaped floats and wear colorful outfits. In that case, let me put this "Let's Margarita" tote by Cointreau x Poolside on your radar, because it's the next best thing for your pics and sips.

Now, I know that you probably already shopped online a lot for this summer. If you're anything like me, you were scoping out new bathing suits and sandals with pom poms in middle of winter (even though you knew you wouldn't get to wear them for a while.) You hit the "purchase" button, and anxiously waited for everything in your cart to arrive. When the packages came to your door, you squealed with excitement and did a try-on haul on Instagram stories.

Your roommates went through the stack of boho cover-ups and trendy sunnies, and called dibs on the items that they want to borrow. They held up sundresses and high-waisted shorts, and said, "Oh my god. I need this for our next pool party," and posed with them in front of the mirror in your apartment.

Truth is, you knew those comments were coming, and will inevitably let them borrow whatever they want. By the time your summer festivities come around, you'll have the best accessory in your closet, anyway — aka, this "Let's Margarita" tote by Cointreau x Poolside — and will be enjoying all the pic and sip opportunities it has to offer.

What's the scoop on the "Let's Margarita" tote by Cointreau x Poolside?


While you're doing the rest of your prep for summer and making your plans, let me give you the scoop on this trendy tote. It's not just your average beach bag you can pick up at the store. It's a limited-edition item from Poolside, in collaboration with Cointreau, a French orange liqueur that's perfect for making Instagram-worthy cocktails. (Sweet!)

According to the product description, the tote itself is made of water reed, linen, and cane, and it's woven by hand by female artisans in India. The words, "Let's Margarita" are embroidered on the outside, so that your besties always know that you're ready to make some quality memories, dance until dawn, and casually sip some drinks. On the inside, there's a colorful print and a label that reads, "Cointreau x Poolside." That way, you never forget how exclusive this item really is.

The best part? The product description states that the tote fits a bottle of Cointreau's orange liqueur, limes, and tequila, so that you can treat your besties to a one-of-a-kind cocktail at your next pool party (If you're 21 or up, of course!) Your purchase includes exclusive recipes designed by Cointreau, in addition to a custom citrus squeezer, so you don't have to worry about finding the right kitchen tools at the store or looking up a recipe online.

It also fits everything else you need for a relaxing day at the beach, or a summer event that feels electric from start to finish. It's the easiest and most stylish way to carry around your sunscreen, towel, headphones, and book — you know, all the essentials!

How can you purchase this limited-edition tote for your summer festivities?

So, how can you grab one for yourself? Well, it's pretty simple. Head to Poolside's online shop and click the "Add to Cart" button on this item. Then, go through the rest of the checkout process, which includes entering your shipping and billing information.

The tote is $250 which may seem a little expensive. But, shipping is free, and the pics and sips you'll experience with this item are, well, priceless. It's also a super exclusive bag to add to your closet, and the deal is only offered for a limited time. (Act fast and live your ideal summer, please!)

How can you upgrade your summer festivities for the best pics and sips?


Aside from grabbing this trendy tote bag, there are tons of other ways you can upgrade your summer festivities for the best pics and sips. You can gather up your besties and make fresh lemonade, or go on a wine tour on the West Coast. You can go somewhere tropical and stay at a resort with the best fresh fruit smoothies, or host a pool party where everyone takes pictures on disposable cameras.

You can also try out the cocktail recipes from Cointreau, including their recipe for "The Original Margarita." This drink is easy to make, because it only requires one ounce of Cointreau, two ounces of blanco tequila, and one ounce of fresh lime juice. Once you combine the ingredients in a shaker with some ice, you simply shake and then strain your drink into a salt-rimmed glass. You can add a slice of lime for a garnish if you want, too.

No matter what, this summer will look like one straight out of your dreams, because it's going to be full of laughs, pics, and sips. Just do yourself a favor and finish up your prep by grabbing that trendy tote ASAP.