This 'KUWTK' Clip Previews An Intense Exchange Between Kim & Kourtney

by Daffany Chan
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashians are at it again with a newly released video clip that gives a glimpse into the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Season 17 will premiere this fall on the E! network, and the new KUWTK preview of Kim and Kourtney's fight assures fans of the reality show that there will once again be plenty of drama and themed parties. This sneak peek was released on the KUWTK Twitter account, and it's already a lot to handle.

"Oh my god, call the police. There's candy in here!" Kim jokingly says in the video clip set at Kourtney's home. The Kardashian sisters are sitting around Kourtney's surprisingly abundant stash of candy in the living room, wearing super glamorous loungewear, of course. However, it goes from zero to 100 real quick when Kourtney and Kim start discussing North and Penelope's joint Candy Land-themed birthday party.

Kourtney wants to have healthier treats for the party because, as she argues, "There are candies that are not disgusting and filled with chemicals." We also learn from Kourtney that candy is the "biggest No. 1 cause of aging." Oh, boy.

Kim simply won't put up with it. "It's a Candy Land-themed party! That's like what the party is about ... It's not gluten-free land over here!" she yells. Meanwhile, Khloé is silently in the middle of all this. She's scrolling on her phone and making an exasperated face, which is exactly how I feel about the situation.

Finally, Kourtney suggests that the sisters host separate parties. "That's exactly what we'll do," Kim says. Uh oh... it sounds like the Kardashian sisters are about to get super competitive over party planning in Season 17.

The sister rivalry in the air isn't surprising given the past conflicts that the two have had. Kim and Kourtney also fought in the Season 15 premiere of KUWTK. Kim wanted to gather the entire family for the annual Christmas card photo shoot and put tons of time into planning it. It all went downhill when there were scheduling conflicts with Kourtney, who wanted to get home early to spend time with her kids. Frustrated by the scheduling requests, Kim tells Kourtney in the clip that she isn't wanted in the shoot anymore. It got so bad between the two that this is when Kim infamously calls Kourtney the "least exciting to look at." Ouch.

The past rivalry between the sisters will undoubtedly continue in the upcoming drama-filled season. But the sneak peak does promise something that will surely capture fans hearts: Plenty of screen time for Kim and Kourtney's adorable kids. North West and Penelope Disick are such cute cousins, and they're always photographed together. These besties seriously do everything together, from dressing in matching outfits to raising Pomeranian puppies. Even if the adults can't sort it out over the kids' Candy Land-themed birthday party (which, BTW, apparently did stay on theme), there's nothing that can come between North and Penelope's BFF status.

Candy or not, I'm excited to see how this debacle unfolds. Will Kourtney's healthy treats beat out good old candy or will Kim's sweet tooth prevail? It looks like we'll have to tune into the new season of KUWTK to find out.