Kendall Jenner Took Ben Simmons On A Shopping Date, So What Is Up With Her Love Life?

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Ah yes, Kendall Jenner. Arguably the most mysterious Kardashian/Jenner of them all. Jenner likes to keep her personal life private and predominantly keeps her social media posts about her career and social life as a supermodel. So, you can imagine how hard a time fans have trying to keep up with her love life, especially when she gives us so little to go off of. Recently, she took her recent rumored boyfriend, Ben Simmons, on a shopping date, and everyone is a little bit "Huh?" about it. This Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons relationship update comes right after rumors began circulating suggesting Jenner is dating her supermodel friend Bella Hadid's little brother, Anwar, and now I don't know what to think. Elite Daily reached out to Jenner's, Simmon's, and Hadid's teams for comment on the dating rumors, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

It was only the end of May when the rumor mill started whirling about Simmons and Jenner. Page Six reported multiple sources claimed the two had been dating "for a few weeks." They were spotted together on the west coast in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Hotel and again later on the east coast at a Bowery restaurant in New York City. Simmons is the third reported NBA player lucky enough to wine and dine with Jenner. (Numbers one and two are Jordan Clarkson and Blake Griffin.)

Now, it appears Jenner took Simmons out for a truly classic Kardashian activity: shopping. On the weekend of June 9th, the Kardashian clan got together to celebrate Kanye West's birthday and prior to his bash eyewitnesses saw Jenner and Simmons participating in a little retail therapy at Barney's. The source told E! News, "Kendall spent the day with Ben Simmons. They went shopping together at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. They were inside for about an hour. Kendall helped Ben look in the men's department and she stood with him at the register as he made his purchase."

Wow. What love. What romance.

According to the source, they weren't overtly PDA-ish but seemed very comfortable with each other. "She picked up some stuff and he went along with her down to the women's section. They were cute together and casual. They walked with their shoulders touching and were smiling and laughing," they said.

A separate source told E!, "Kendall was hesitant to get media attention about her and Ben hanging out," adding, "Kendall doesn't want anything serious but is definitely enjoying her time with Ben right now." Elite Daily reached out to Jenner and Simmons' teams for comment on the new reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Well, that all checks out. So, what's the confusing part?

Well, Jenner also raised eyebrows when TMZ released a photo of Jenner allegedly kissing Anwar Hadid. Anwar is the baby brother of Jenner's supermodel friends, Gigi and Bella Hadid, and is 18 years old. According to TMZ, Jenner and Hadid "made out" at a CFDA Awards after-party into the wee-hours of the morning of June 5th. In fact, Jenner even posted a picture of Anwar's tattooed hands.

Instagram / Kendall Jenner

TMZ later updated their report to say their sources claim the two "aren't dating or anything serious," and were mostly just having a good time together.


All fans can go off of is the latest update which says Simmons and Jenner are happily spending cash-money together and Anwar is just a pal. For me, I'll believe Jenner is actually in love when she tells fans directly, which looks like it might happen when pigs fly.

Whatever. You do you, girl. I'll just be over here watching... in a totally NOT threatening, creepy, or judgmental way.

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