This Is What Receiving Oral Sex Feels Like, According To 6 Women

How do you feel about receiving oral sex? Is it at the very top of your sexual menu, or does even the thought of it make you uncomfortable? Maybe you don't really know. While none of those answers are wrong, oral sex is worth exploring, simply because learning about what you like in bed is a great way to fully enjoy your sexuality. Maybe you're familiar with the mechanics of cunnilingus, but you aren't really sure what what receiving oral sex feels like. And frankly, "good" isn't enough of a descriptor for something as complex and beautiful as oral.

I asked several women to describe what oral sex feels like to them, and the answers were honestly so fascinating. It's so personal and intimate in each of their experiences that, of course, their feelings about it are just as unique.

It also serves as a great reminder that there really is no "right" way to feel about oral sex. Whether you're a fan or not, your feelings are yours, and they are valid and beautiful. That being said, it's always so interesting to know how other women feel about about sex, because there is truly solidarity in sharing our experiences. With that being said, here's what six women had to say about what oral sex feels like for them.

It’s an amazing feeling of release.

"Getting oral sex feels like... anticipation, tension, then relief. Like clenching your fist really tight and then being able to stretch out your fingers. Or being in a quiet room all day and finally getting to scream. Or taking off your bra when you get home. It feels like your whole body can physically exhale." — Iman, 24

Starts feeling good, ends feeling even better.

“It starts as a tickle and a flutter in my stomach and builds into a warm pressure and finally a great orgasm, but with the wrong person in the driver’s seat it can just feel weird or wrong, like someone got lost and doesn’t even realize Google Maps exists.” — Carmen, 35

It’s not for everyone and that’s OK, too.

“In all honesty, the experience of receiving oral sex has always been... pretty underwhelming when compared to the actual shebang. The best case scenario is usually when it’s slow and soft. It feels like a wet (best part), soft, but powerful force is touching you in the most vulnerable way. The vulnerability only adds to how sexy the whole experience is. It’s really that good when it’s done right. It’s incredibly hot and, it may sound funny, it... tickles but in the most intoxicating way. But, of course, that almost never happens.
Instead, in my experience, it has always been like when someone goes to a bar crawl to enjoy a night and doesn’t realize there are other bars to crawl. Except the bar crawl is your vagina. The one bar that won’t be left is your clitoris. And that person that won’t leave is a tongue. I can truly do without it sometimes.” — Cassie, 25

Technique matters.

“I think how it feels depends a lot on the technique of the person performing it, to be honest. In my favorite experiences with it, it feels kind of like a suction cup, but that’s my personal preference! It’s all about figuring out what you like, and speaking up about it.” — Stella, 25

Enthusiasm matters, too.

“When done right, it’s hot AF. Someone you’re (hopefully) attracted to is essentially sucking and licking all your most sensitive spots and you feel it all over. It’s wet but not in a weird way. It’s just fun and sexy and the best thing ever. When done wrong, it’s awkward and sort of feels like a wet blob just poking at your labia. You can definitely tell when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing or doesn’t want to be doing it, period.” — Vicky, 25

When you're with the right partner, it can serve as a tool to help you love your body and appreciate your own pleasure.

“I’ve known a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with receiving oral sex for various reasons (body shame, feeling vulnerable, discomfort with being the center of attention). I would encourage the curious but nervous to persevere, because it can also be really hot! It’s pretty great to feel your partner so singularly focused on your pleasure, and it can honestly be good practice for those of us who learned that our pleasure was less relevant in sexual encounters.
It can also be a very useful exercise in communicating with your partner about what you like. Oral sex feels really different depending on who’s doing it and what exactly they’re doing, but when people are good at tuning in to both your verbal and nonverbal cues, it can be incredible.” — Rosemary, 46

The way you feel about receiving oral can be both simple and complex, and that’s just one of the things that makes it so amazing. However you feel about it personally, embrace your truth, and don't be afraid to ask for what you want (or don't want) from a partner.