‘This Is Us’ Had An Amazing ‘Sex & The City’ Moment & Twitter Exploded

This Is Us took a quick shift from the Big Three to talk about New York City's Big Four. The new episode of This Is Us had a Sex and the City crossover that was both fun and actually super sweet and informative about Kate and Randall Pearson's childhoods. Spoiler alert: This post will contain spoilers for the latest episode of This Is Us, "Vegas, Baby."

After taking a few weeks-long break following a pair of the most heartbreaking episodes the NBC family sitcom has aired, This Is Us returned to form with another admittedly heart-wrenching episode, but also a lot of heart and humor back in the mix. Leading up to Kate and Toby's upcoming wedding, the Big Three all took a trip to Las Vegas for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Of course, in true Pearson fashion, the night of wild fun ended on a much sadder note, with Kate, Kevin, and Randall each freaking out about their own personal dilemma.

After Randall broke up Kate's Magic Mike-themed bachelorette party, he and Beth had it out in front of everyone. The basics of the fight were that Randall wanted to keep checking in on Deja throughout the weekend, but Beth wanted to use the trip as a chance to finally unwind and have some fun. As Randall and Beth fought, Kate finally entered the fray to remind her brother and sister-in-law that they were supposed to be there for her. Oh, and let's not forget that before all this went down, it looked a lot like Kevin was about to fall back into his alcoholism after he heard a rumor that his part in the Ron Howard movie he shot may have gotten cut. So yeah... a whole lot of mess.

But for every big Pearson fight, there is also bound to be a big Pearson make-up to follow, and that's exactly what happened with Randall and Kate shortly after their screaming match in front of a dozen male strippers. Randall finds Kate sipping Cosmos at a slot machine, and playfully gives her some trouble for always ordering Cosmos. Of course, Kate has selected her drink of choice to pay tribute to none other than Carrie Bradshaw, and she begins to reminisce about the days when she and Randall would bond over watching Sex and the City together. Cut to the most adorable flashback scene ever, in which we see teenage Kate and teenage Randall chowing down on Hot Pockets and laughing along to an episode of Sex and the City. Obviously, Twitter loved that scene as well, as fans gushed about this fun, newly revealed bonding moment between Kate and Randall:

Another reason why this scene struck such a chord with This Is Us fans is because it's one of the first times we really got to see how Kate and Randall connect. The show has been really heavy on the largely codependent relationship between Kate and Kevin, and also on the tense and competitive relationship between Randall and Kevin, but it has left Kate and Randall's relationship kind of in the rearview.

But Tuesday night's new episode offered us a sweet look inside what Kate and Randall's relationship was like when they were younger. As we already knew, Kevin and Kate remained very close throughout their earliest years, but Kate said that after Jack died, she actually began growing closer with Randall. Their bonding activity was watching Sex and the City episodes together, which Randall admits he really only did so that he could spend time with his sister. Awww, that's love, people!

Oh, and most importantly, Kate points out that Randall is a total Miranda, which is inarguably true. And I'm going to go ahead and diagnose Kate as being a Charlotte while we're here. Kevin's maybe a current-Carrie, reformed-Samantha? I don't know, we can hash these out later.

This Is Us has two episodes left this season, so get ready for some major stuff in the next two weeks.