This Is The One Nail Trend Vanessa Hudgens Won't Try, Thank You Very Much

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of SinfulColors

When you hear the name Vanessa Hudgens, you likely think of a few things: everyone's favorite High School Musical sweetheart, the unofficial queen of Coachella, and her amazing vocals in Rent: Live. But beauty guru? Well, add that to the lengthy list of titles for the 30-year-old. I recently sat down with Hudgens at the launch of the SinfulColors x Vanessa Hudgens Cosmic Dreams Collection, her new nail polish collaboration with the brand, and chatted all things beauty with the star — including what it's like to be the beauty expert of her friend group, the nail trend you'll never find her rocking, and more.

I learned something that should seem pretty obvious — Hudgens is the beauty guru of her friends. She even says she's the go-to gal for doing all of their makeup, which goes to show no matter how famous you are, or how many professional celebrity makeup artists you have in your contacts list, there's nothing like getting glammed by one of your besties before a night out.

"I feel like I'm the beauty person out of my friends," the actress tells Elite Daily exclusively. "I'm always the one doing all of my friends' makeup for their birthdays. I'm literally the makeup artist out of the group." Does that mean we should start referring to Hudgens as a singer, actress, and makeup artist? While she may not do makeup professionally, it certainly takes a lot of skill (and trust) to become the makeup artist of your friend group. Needless to say, she is a woman of many talents.

And as far as her personal preferred beauty beat, Hudgens says she's definitely a "go big or go home" kind of girl. "I am a maximalist. I want it all, give it to me now," she says, which definitely explains the amazing shimmery navy blue cat eye that she was rocking during our interview.

Courtesy of SinfulColors

Take a quick scroll through Hudgens' Instagram feed and you'll see exactly how much of a maximalist she really is when it comes to her makeup. Within the past few months alone the actress has posted images of herself rocking a range of bold makeup looks, like a major lilac eyeshadow moment for the NFL Honors, a stunning red lip while on the Second Act movie press tour, and a full peach makeup look to the premier of Second Act.

In addition to her affinity for makeup, the actress is just as obsessed with her nails, telling me she changes up her nail color every few days at home and does them herself. (Stars — they're just like us!) "I just love changing my nails constantly, I feel like I'm always trying something different and something new," she says. "That’s why I'm so excited about the collection because with the top coat you can basically get a gel mani look right at home."

And thanks to the six new shades and two top coats in the SinfulColors x Vanessa Hudgens Cosmic Dreams Collection, you'll soon be able to get that "gel mani look at home" just like Vanessa's. The best part? Each polish in the new launch is just three bucks and will be available for purchase on Amazon come Wednesday, April 17.

Courtesy of SinfulColors

The eight new polishes in the collection include shades like "Aurora," a royal blue shimmer; "Celestial," a deep purple metallic; and "Dark Matter," a dark green metallic that Hudgens wore the night of the event — to go with her shimmery navy blue eye makeup, and of course.

SinfulColors x Vanessa Hudgens Dark Matter Sinful Shine Polish

While Hudgens claims to be a beauty maximalist and loves to change up her nail look every few days, there is one specific nail trend that you won't ever catch her wearing — and that's the acrylic utensils nail trend. Last June, Nail Sunny, a Russia-based nail salon known for its viral, very outlandish nail designs, posted a video of a manicure one of its nail artists created where each nail featured a fork, knife, and spoon. This cutlery manicure trend is one that Hudgens doesn't think anyone should ever rock. "I’ve seen nail art recently where it’s like... a utensil manicure, I don’t think that should be for anyone," she shares. And she has a point; in the video posted by Nail Sunny, the client rocking the utensils on their nail beds demonstrates how they can pick up food using the utensils, but I'm willing to bet that that manicured also had its limitations.

Alas, if you're looking for a salon-grade gel manicure (cutlery not included) that you can get from the comfort of your own home, then take a cue from Vanessa and be sure to cop SinfulColors x Vanessa Hudgens Cosmic Dreams Collection from Amazon and Walmart when it drops.