Here's ‘Bachelor’ Arie & Bekah’s Compatibility, According To Their Zodiac Signs

by Rosey Baker

Another season of The Bachelor is upon us, this time starring Arie Luyendyk Jr. a.k.a "The Kissing Bandit." Unfortunate choice of a nickname, given the current socio-political climate in Hollywood, but I digress. The season premiere introduced Arie, the race car driver and real estate agent as our new bachelor, and dozens of women who were eager to put a ring on it. But one in particular caught the attention of both Arie and fans. The episode brought up some questions about Bachelor Arie and Bekah Martinez's compatibility, according to their zodiac signs. Arie, who was born on Sept. 18, and Bekah K., who was born on Feb. 10 had chemistry that you could feel THROUGH the screen, if you were watching. His eyes were glued to her from the time she entered behind the wheel of a ruby red race car until she was out of his eye line.

Here's the thing though, Arie is a Virgo and Bekah is an Aquarius. That's an interesting fact, because traditionally speaking, those two do not click. For everyone reading who has high hopes for Bekah and Arie, I'm sorry to report that what they have most in common is an annoyingly unique way to spell their otherwise run-of-the-mill names.

Earth and Air Signs

What happens when an earth sign like Virgo combines with an air sign like Aquarius? At first, it could feel like a nice cool breeze, but when air gets out of control, you get, well, a f*king windstorm. Either that, or Bekah might just completely blow right over Arie's head.

No matter what, the two may have a rough time actually getting through to each other without creating a bit of a dust-up. We're already starting to see some drama brewing in the house around Beckah already with the previews we got into Episode 2.

6-8 Sun Sign Pattern

Virgo and Aquarius together makes for what's known as a 6-8 sun sign pattern. What that means is that these two will be drawn to one another sexually, mystified by one another spiritually, and completely incapable of understanding one another mentally. While both of them might be willing to go out a limb to be of service to the other, their communication skills will be absolutely abysmal.

Unless there are other aspects to their zodiac charts that work out compatibly, these two don't have the natural understanding of one another that it would take to make the relationship work. Not to mention, their age difference is insane. I mean he's 36 and she's 22. Though it's possible they could still work, it's safe to say you could be at two completely different paths in life at those ages.

Virgo & Aquarius: What They're Known For

I've already mentioned that these two, because of the sun-sign pattern they have are bound to enjoy one another in bed; it's out of the bedroom where problems are likely to arise.

However, if they can come together in a joint effort, to work on a project that stimulates their natural drive to give back to the world, they have a higher chance of succeeding. Virgo loves to give back on an individual level, and Aquarius (the sign of the water bearer) is more of a humanitarian, giving back to communities as a whole. Aquarius is innovative, and Virgo is detail oriented, so Aquarius can provide the big ideas while Virgo lays out the plan to make them happen. By focusing more on a joint goal, these two signs actually do have a chance of making it long term, and really "going the distance" to put it in terms I know Arie would appreciate. My premonition is that because of both the age difference and the Virgo love of stability and refusal to engage in drama, the chances are slim, but there is a chance.