Miranda with Lizzie from 'Lizzie McGuire'

‘Lizzie McGuire’ Fans Think Lalaine Confirmed Miranda & Gordo For The Reboot

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ICYMI, the countdown to seeing Lizzie McGuire head back to your TV screen along with several familiar faces has officially commenced, and I've been living for each and every casting update. Just hours after Disney+ announced on Thursday that Jo, Sam, and Matt McGuire will be coming back in the upcoming reboot, a new Instagram Story post hints that maybe, just maybe, Lizzie's former besties could also be making an appearance. Could we finally find out what happened to Gordo and Lizzie after Italy? According to this Instagram of Miranda and Gordo from Lizzie McGuire, it's definitely a possibility.

If you've been following along, you know that speculation about Lalaine and Adam Lamberg's possible Lizzie McGuire reunion has been swirling for some time. Unfortunately, it sounds like when Lizzie returns as a 30-year-old who is navigating life in New York City, she won't be engaged to her curly-haired best friend and former love interest, whom viewers last saw kissing the heroine at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. However, that doesn't mean that fans are completely ruling out the possibility that the pair will end up together, and Lalaine's latest Instagram Story is just adding further fuel to the flame.

Shortly after Disney announced that the entire McGuire gang would be returning to bring a hefty dose of nostalgia to the upcoming reboot, Lalaine (who played Miranda in the series) took to her Instagram Story to post an oh-so-cryptic screenshot of an incoming text from none other than Lamberg.

Unsurprisingly, the lack of context and suspicious timing of the post is spurring a whole new barrage of fan theories about the pair's involvement in the upcoming film. At this moment, anything is possible, but it seems way too coincidental that they'd just happen to be casually texting and Lalaine would feel the need to alert the entire Lizzie McGuire fanbase about this fact.

For Duff's part, she previously hinted that the pair could be making an appearance in the reboot while talking to ETOnline on the D23 red carpet.

"The chances are high!" the Younger star teased when asked about the possibility back in August. "I can't tell you too much, but I think that people are going to be very surprised and excited."

However, in September, she said to Vulture that she wasn't too devastated by the idea of Lizzie and Gordo having drifted apart. After all, not all middle school romances are meant to last forever, and she told the publication, "You know what, I don’t know if I was as devastated by that. I feel like them not being together is what was so good … it’s that one person that you’re like, 'Was he the one? Is it ever going to be?'"

She continued, "You’re always kind of wondering. We wanted it to hurt everyone a little bit, and it’ll continue to hurt."

It was pretty cryptic, and TBH, kind of set a damper on the idea of the former friends getting together. However, Duff did tell the publication that she hoped that Lamberg would be a part of the revival, saying, "I really hope he’s going to be involved. We’ve been planning out the season and coming up with what everything looks like, and it’s so important for him to be there for part of it."

In short, there's no telling whether or not Miranda and Gordo will be making an appearance on the reboot just yet, but I have a feeling that Lizzie McGuire stans will be saying "Why not" and holding out hope until the revival comes to Disney+.