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This Halloween Decor For Your Sorority House Is Too Cute To Spook

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It's that time of year again to transform your sorority house into a haunted one. Instead of simply adding pumpkins here and there, consider shopping this Halloween decor for your sorority house that's too cute to pass up. With a little help from your sisters, you could have the most spooktacular house on Greek row in just about no time.

What better way to get into the spirit of the season than by planning a night in with your sisters to decorate your house? Turn on a Spotify playlist filled with songs like the "Monster Mash" and "I Put A Spell On You" to set the mood while you set things up.

Instead of your typical skulls, place some glittery ones along your mantle. String up some celestial and lavender lights around to bring in the witchy vibes. Then, spice up your "patch" with a variety of pink, velvet, and felt pumpkins placed throughout your common areas. Don't forget a seasonal welcome mat to invite your best ghoul friends over, and some festive throw pillows for your couches.

If you need some inspo, add any of these 10 cute Halloween decor items to your shopping cart right now. Everything you need is right here for some spooky fun with your very own Sanderson sisters.

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These Faux Plants Are Suc-Cute

If you and your sisters are plant parents, you'll enjoy these adorable faux plants from Target. They look like something straight out of Little Shop of Horrors, and come in many varieties like terrarium plants with eyes ($20,, orange preying posies ($20,, and singing vines ($35,

This Felt Pumpkin Is The Cutest In The Patch

Turn your sorority house into a mini pumpkin patch with tons of gourd decor. Don't settle for the OG orange pumpkins, either. Trick or treat yourselves to a whole variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and different materials like these felt pumpkins to spice things up in your space.

This Rose Gold Gourd Is, Well, Gourdgeous

Scrolling through Insta, you'll notice that pink pumpkins are totally in right now. Staying on the same pumpkin variety vibe, you and your sisters should get pink and rose gold pumpkins like these gourds for every table in your house. Mix and match or coordinate colors, depending on your sorority's vibes.

This BOOtiful Mat Will Welcome In The Spirits

The Halloween decor starts at the front door, so get yourself a welcome mat that's downright boo-tiful. Etsy has tons of different Halloween-themed doormats to choose from such as a Hocus Pocus one ($25, or a scary good Ouija board one ($35, to welcome all the spirits. Although, if you're going for cutest sorority house on campus, you'll want to get this "boo" one featuring adorable little ghosts.

This Moon Will Light Up Any Room

Bring on the witchy vibes with a moon light sculpture in your living room. Then, make sure your home is extra lit with some purple string lights ($30, and tons of fall-scented candles ($10,

This Felt Garland Will Be A Sweet Addition To Your Mantel

For decor that'll add a pop of color to your wall, string up this adorable felt garland. Choose between this Halloween-themed variety or an ombre fall garland ($12, Drape it along your fireplace mantel, across your common room, or in a corner that's dedicated to taking cute selfies with your sisters.

This Halloween Wreath Is Picture-Perfect

Invite any ghouls over with this vibrant Halloween wreath hung up on your front door. A vibrant orange wreath like this one can stay up all season long, and it'll look super sweet in pictures with your sisters on the front porch.

This Throw Pillow Is Spookin' Cute

Throw pillows are probably the easiest way to update your space for the season. All you need to do is switch out the current set of pillows on your couch or bed with some festive ones like this evil eye pillow. Snap a picture lounging on the couch with the caption, "Eye love Halloween."

This Gold Skull Is Trendy AF

Draw attention to your mantle or dining room table with a skull — but not just any skull. Make it a glittery or gold one. After all, why have ordinary decor when you can have some that sparkles?

These Velvet Pumpkins Are Beyond Adorable

These small velvet pumpkins can be added to any bookshelf or placed at the bottom of a vase with a faux fall bouquet with maple leaves ($7, and assorted heather bushes ($2,

Once you've got all your pumpkins set up, take a group pic with your sisters like you're at your very own patch. Make sure to caption your pic with something punny and sweet like, "Squash goals."

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