Here's Everything You Need To Know About How Glossier's Milky Oil Actually Works

Courtesy of Glossier

When a new Glossier product drops, the whole world basically stops turning on its axis. And just like clockwork, the Earth has ceased to orbit after the coveted brand launched their latest product on Tuesday, Feb. 19. I can't a chance to try out the brand-new launch, and trust me, my Glossier Milky Oil review sets the record straight on what exactly it is, how you should use it, and most importantly, whether it lives up to the hype.

Glossier is the queen of labeling their products with ambiguous names, and Milky Oil ($12, Glossier) can certainly be added to the list. The new Milky Oil is basically a waterproof makeup remover that combines micellar water and castor oil to remove long-wearing makeup on both the face and the eyes. It comes in a cute lil 3.4-ounce bottle (I immediately thought how easy it would be to tote around while traveling), and you have to shake it up to mix the ingredients together before squirting onto a cotton pad.

Not only do I love the way this product looks, but I like the way it feels, too. Formulated with comfrey root extract to heal dry, stressed out skin and pro-Vitamin B5 to offer extra moisture, the makeup remover wipes away everything. And I mean everything. After testing it out on my face caked in waterproof foundation, I would recommend using only a small amount of the product, because a little goes a long, long way.

After I removed all my makeup with the Milky Oil, I washed with the Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18, Glossier) for an extra clean. The Milky Oil was made to be used just before the Milky Jelly Cleanser, so that you can remove your makeup before removing all the other oil, dirt, and debris that accumulates on your face and in your pores throughout the day. It’s kind of like K-beauty’s double cleansing, but Glossier style.

Since this product is oil-based, I wouldn’t recommend using this just as is. You should be using a cleanser after removing your makeup, and the Milky Oil might leave your skin feeling a bit slippery if you don’t rinse it off afterward. If you’d prefer not to rinse it off, I'd say it’s OK to pat your skin dry with a towel after swiping your skin clean.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test this product on my eyes, since I am currently wearing eyelash extensions and cannot use any oil-based face cleansing products on the glue bonding my natural lashes and my extensions together. Had I been wearing eye makeup, I know I would definitely reach for something like the Milky Oil. I prefer oil-based eye makeup removers because they lift tough, waterproof eye makeup off your lids much easier than a water-based eye makeup remover would. And the more you tug at your lashes, the more likely they will become loose and fall out. Milky Oil is ideal for those who wear a lot of eye makeup and are looking for a product that wipes their eyes clean, instantly.

For those who love to wear a heavy matte liquid lipstick every day, the Milky Oil works well at removing lip products, too. Since it provides multiple moisturizing benefits, it’s a great way to add hydration back into your lips at the end of the day, so that they appear less cakey and dry when you apply your lip products the next morning.

If you’re into oil-based makeup removers, then I’d say Glossier’s new Milky Oil is definitely worth the hype, as well as the $12. One bottle will easily last you a couple of months, and the added hydration benefits are a major plus (especially in these winter months). Add to cart!