This Giant Crocheted Monopoly Game Blanket Has Totally Captivated People On Twitter

Over the years, I've become well aware of the fact that moms are good at basically everything. But many tend to have one particularly special super power. Like, some can make a mean stew. Others might be great at sports. And a select few out there are known for their ability to crochet. This giant crocheted Monopoly game blanket, for example, was made by one mom with a whole lot of talent, and it might actually be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Twitter is absolutely loving it, and I'm so devastated I can't get my hands on one.

On Thursday, Dec. 27, Twitter user @pilotvirut tweeted an awesome picture of a gift they received from their mother: a hand-crocheted Monopoly blanket. Complete with each and every single residence you most likely remember from the classic board game, it even has spaces for the "Chance" and "Treasure Chest" cards, along with the Monopoly logo in the center, and — of course — the "Go" and "Jail" spaces. I've never wanted something as badly as I want this — not only for the comfort factor — but because I'm really hankering to play a giant game of Monopoly. Check out the jaw-dropping photos in their tweet, below.

In the caption, they wrote: "hello, please look at this giant blanket my mom crocheted for me!!!" TBH, if I had one of these, I'd be showing it off, too. I'm jealous as heck.

As you would imagine, Twitter is going totally nuts for this Monopoly blanket. Many can't help but ogle at how awesome it is.

Some are still waiting on their own moms to make them one of these.

Others are looking to buy one off of their mom. Elite Daily reached out to @pilotviruet on Twitter to inquire if their mom will be selling any blankets, but did not hear back at the time of publication. But like, seriously, can these go on sale, please?

And some simply just want an invite to play a giant game of Monopoly. Count me in.

Even Roxanne Gay responded to the tweet with short, but sweet, "Perfect." That's how you know it's totally awesome.

So cool, right? For real, I am so envious RN. For real, I'm so taken aback by this beyond amazing Monopoly blanket that I don't even care that I have totally succumbed to the total state of confusion that rules almost everyone during the week between Christmas and New Year's. You know, when you can't tell day from night, up from down, and you need at least three guesses to finally land on what actual day of the week it is. Yeah, all that doesn't mean a thing when I'm looking at this bomb AF Monopoly blanket.

OK, for real, guys — how badly do you want a Monopoly blanket right now? This mom would rack up a ton of cash by selling the homemade game blankets online, and honestly, if she makes a Scrabble one, I'm totally calling dibs. Game night is about to get a whole lot better.