Here's Why The Religion In 'Game Of Thrones' Might Reveal The Show's Ending


For just about every fan of Game of Thrones, there's a theory to go along with them. As the end of the entire series gets closer and closer, those countless theories are springing up everywhere. Some theories focus on the characters, while others incorporate information from the rich lore that's built around the Game of Thrones world. There's one fan theory in particular that incorporates both, and it's pretty compelling. This Game of Thrones Faith of the Seven theory makes a lot of sense, and it might even explain the ending of the series.

The Faith of the Seven is the major religion that most of the people in Westeros practice. Whenever you hear characters say that they swear "by the old gods and the new," the new gods they're referring to are the ones who make up the Faith of the Seven. The Seven is technically a single god, but that god is divided into seven parts, each with a defining characteristic. Some fans on Reddit have pointed out that each of the Seven can correspond to a main character on the show.

In this theory, Jon Snow and Bran Stark are not included since they each already have their own designations. On the show, Bran as been established as the Three-Eyed Raven, and a lot of fans believe that Jon Snow is the Prince Who Was Promised. But, there are seven other characters who fill out the roles of the gods.

The first is The Father, who is represented with a beard and is a good judge of character. By the theory, Tyrion is the father thanks to his ability to read people and the late-seasons beard he's grown out. Then there's The Mother, and it's pretty obvious who gets that title. Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons, and her subjects call her mhysa, which means "mother."

The Maiden is known for her chastity and innocence, and for a while on Game of Thrones, that was totally Sansa. Next is The Crone, who is known for being wise. Sam Tarly is a maester, a person who's dedicated his life to the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, so that works perfectly for him.

Then there's The Warrior, and that's clearly Brienne of Tarth, who exemplifies everything a warrior sets out to be, and The Smith is Gendry who is literally a blacksmith. The last is The Stranger, who represents death and is neither male nor female. Arya makes perfect sense as the stranger. She spent seasons masquerading as a boy, and she's pretty much obsessed with killing those who have wronged her.

The idea that each of the Seven gods corresponds to a character checks out really well, but then the theory goes even further. Another Reddit user pointed out that Bran has the ability to go time travel and alter history. It's possible that he may have gone back in time and invented the entire religion the Faith of the Seven and created the gods in order to inspire the characters to fight and win against the Night King. All of these characters correspond so well to the gods in the story because they are actually them.

Whether or not this theory proves to be true, it's definitely cool to connect the Game of Thrones main characters to the legends within their world. It adds just another layer of depth to this already really captivating story.

The final season of Game of Thrones begins on HBO April 14.