You Can Easily DIY One Of Fall's Biggest Runway Jewelry Trends

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Autumn isn't that far away, which means a wardrobe overhaul isn't either. And while it might seem a tad early to start adding accessories like treaded boots and chunky knit scarves to your closet, there's one fall 2019 jewelry trend you'll want to begin thinking about, seeing as it's one you'll need to DIY. Before you shy away from it entirely, know that various styles of the trend can actually be achieved using just a few items you'd find within your local office supply store. No sewing know-how is needed whatsoever, so you could be the least creative person alive and still nail it. Sold?

For lack of a better term, I'm going to go ahead and call it the craft drawer jewelry trend. Basically, styles made from things you'd find in a craft drawer — paperclips, safety pins, lobster claw claps — lit up fall 2019 runways, with designers including Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, and Proenza Schouler leading the charge. The accessories added a playfulness to their collections and even a sense of nostalgia for days spent fiddling with such supplies as a kid, and were an unexpected contrast to the designers' highly sophisticated garments. Sound like jewelry you might be into? Take a look at each designers' creations below and get ready to DIY some pieces of your own.

Paperclip Earrings at Stella McCartney

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How fun are these extremely long tassel earrings made from rainbow paperclips?! Spotted at Stella McCartney, they make a playful statement that you can't help but to smile at and look even better when in motion. If you ever linked together paperclips in middle school to make friendship bracelets then you already know the pure joy that comes from crafting jewelry out of the office supply. While these earrings will probably retail for hundreds, they really are as easy to make as heading to Office Depot, snagging some colorful paperclips, and linking them together. Why wouldn't you make a pair of your own?

Safety Pin Bibs at Alexander Wang

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Who knew regular old safety pins could come together and form such an expensive looking accessory? Alexander Wang repurposed the sewing tool into bibs for his fall runway show, attaching them to neck bandanas and linking them together to create an armor-like sheath of metal. Get creative and make a necklace, bib, or collar that's truly your own by incorporating other jewelry supplies (peruse the selection at Michael's for some inspiration) like clasps, rings, and the like

Lobster Clasp Earrings at Proenza Schouler


This trend is certainly the most industrial of the bunch thanks to the bulky, oversized lobster claw clasps that it largely consists of. At Proenza Schouler, the clasps were clipped together to create chunky earrings that felt rough, edgy, and even a little unfinished, but in the best of ways. These would also be extremely easy to recreate at home. First, you'll need a pair of thick silver or gold hoops about 1/2 inch in diameter to clip the lobster clasps onto. From there, simply buy clasps (here are some jumbo ones from Michael's), attach them to the hoop, and clip them onto one another until your desired earring is achieved.

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