The Dunkin' x Charli D'Amelio merch collection takes this collab to the next level.

Charli Got Her Own Line Of Dunkin' Merch, & It Includes A Super Sparkly Tumbler

by Collette Reitz
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Courtesy of Dunkin'
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First, Dunkin' gave us The Charli. Then, there was the Charli Cold Foam. And now, there's the Dunkin' x Charli D'Amelio merch collection, so you can take your love of the TikTok star and coffee chain beyond the Dunkin' menu. Coming exclusively to the online Dunkin' store on Tuesday March 30, the new merch collection includes a sparkly pink tumbler, and it totally ups the ante on this collab.

ICYMI, Dunkin' and D'Amelio have been bringing coffee (and TikTok) fans some of the star's favorite sips right to the Dunkin' menu. The Charli debuted in September 2020, and it's D'Amelio's go-to order: Dunkin' Cold Brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel swirl. In February 2021, the Charli Cold Foam took the sip to the next level with the addition of Sweet Cold Foam and cinnamon sugar. The launch of the merch collection marks the first non-drink offerings in the Charli x Dunkin' collaboration, and there is plenty to choose from, including shoelaces, a onesie, and a literal cold brew tap (really!).

It's hard to miss Dunkin's orange and pink colors throughout the collection, and you'll notice little touches of D'Amelio's personal style throughout as well. According to the release, Dunkin' "worked hand in hand with Charli to bring her signature look into each accessory."

As you prep for the launch of the collection, here's what you can expect to see when it goes live: the Dunkin’ Onesie, the Charli x Dunkin’ Sparkle Tumbler, the Charli x Dunkin’ Puffer iPhone Case, the Charli x Dunkin’ Oversized Scrunchie Set, Charli x Dunkin’ Shoelaces, the Charli x Dunkin’ Pom Pom Keychain, and the Limited-Edition Charli x Dunkin’ Cold Brew Tap.

The Dunkin' Onesie is actually a returning item, and it's apparently one of D'Amelio's go-to 'fits for lounging around. Dunkin' warns this colorful piece will likely sell out fast, so make sure you add to cart ASAP.

The Sparkle Tumbler and accompanying lid and straw are hot pink and emblazoned with white lettering that reads "CHARLI" as well as "Charli x Dunkin'" at the bottom.

On the flip side, the Puffer iPhone Case is all white with an orange and pink logo on the bottom.

Keeping with the bold theme, the Oversized Scrunchie Set is covered in orange and pink. The pink scrunchie has white hearts and Dunkin' cup logos, while the white scrunchie reads "CHARLI" in orange and pink letters.

The shoelaces also follow the iconic color scheme and have heart and cup logos as well as "Charli x Dunkin'" repeat lettering.

If you want just a hint of D'Amelio in your merch, there's the gold keychain fitted with a light pink, oversized pom and a charm of a hot pink Dunkin' cup with "CHARLI" written inside.

And finally, if you're a super fan, you can buy the limited-edition cold brew tap handle. It has a white base with "Charli x Dunkin'" in orange and pink lettering.

The Charli x Dunkin' collection went live exclusively on the Shop Dunkin' website at 3 p.m. ET on March 30, and it's likely to go fast. So fuel up with your fave sip and get shopping!

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