This Dog's Makeup Tutorial Is Going Viral & I Give It 13/10


Beauty tutorials are a dime a dozen these days, so it can be hard for any one vlogger to stand out among the crowd, until now. Be still your weary heart, because a dog's makeup tutorial is making its rounds on the internet, and I promise you it's the best thing you've seen in a long time.

Blogging/vlogging can be a fast way to the top of the beauty industry; Huda Kattan started out as a blogger and now she's the first to review of Kim Kardashian's products and has her own line of makeup, Huda Beauty. But another up and coming beauty blogger has found an untapped market in which to climb the ladder to internet fame: a doggo beauty tutorial.

Twitter user Noelani G. posted a parody beauty tutorial featuring her adorable pit bull named Malachi and my question is, why did she only just gift us with this treasure now? Noelani, your dog is already an internet star and he deserves all the treats. Noelani's Instagram account also features some of the most adorable dog photo's I've ever seen. She adopts and fosters the pups so she's already a saint in my book, but add in Malachi's beauty tutorial and she is my new god. Is it a coincidence that god spelled backwards is dog? I don't think so.

Meet Malachi, the world's newest beauty guru. "Today I shall be doing a very useful makeup tutorial for blue to grey fur tones. This look will be perfect for a date at the dog park or just a casual walk around the neighborhood." Who are we to merely assume that dogs don't want to look their best on a play date?

"First, I shall start with the base, which is this beautiful blue-grey color. Then, I shall apply it all over my facial fur." Malachi barks outside the box and uses eyeshadow as his base coat. His blue-grey fur must make buying traditional foundation challenging.

Malachi carefully applies his foundation. His blending techniques are out of this world

"Next, is the highlighter. You’ll want to apply this down your nose stripe, along your upper lip, and on your glorious cheekbones." Those really are some glorious cheekbones, but I guess humility isn't one of Malachi's strengths.

"Next, we shall be shaping our brows." Even good boys need to work on their brow game.

"To finish the look up, simply gloss your lips like so." Talk about full lips! That brush looks like it might be a good snack, too.

"And here is the final look. Well, this shall be all for today, I hope you like this look, please tag me if you recreate it with #malachisbottomlip. Love you all.” Malachi's final look is fierce AF. And his hustle is real, any up and coming blogger needs a signature hashtag.

noelani g on YouTube

Due to popular demand, Malachi decided to do a second tutorial with his sister! Malachi chose this particular sibling because she has such a different "furplexion" than he does and he wanted to show his versatility.

"As you can see, she has a very golden fur tone, with a normal to dry furplexion. So first, we shall start with her foundation, and we will simply buff that in." Malachi's dexterity is v impressive.

"Next, you’ll want to cover those dark under-eye circles." Girl, I can relate to those under-eye circles. "She has very nice brows, so we will leave them natural this time." What a lucky girl, her eyebrows are naturally on fleek!

"You’ll want to use my patented lip gloss technique."

Malachi taught her that move.

"If you really want your crush to sniff your butt, this look is sure to get their attention," Malachi finishes off his sister's look with some bling.

Noelani settles any potential animal well-being worries with her disclaimer: "No make up was used. The brushes are soft. They will be fine."

I used to consider myself a cat lady, but consider me converted. Well, maybe half and half.