This Dog Bridesmaid Dress Is Exactly What Your Pup Needs For Your Wedding Day

If you're anything like me, you've been dreaming about your wedding day since forever. You've been imagining what it would be like to walk down the aisle and see someone you love with your whole heart, waiting for you to say, "I do." You've been scoping out beautiful bouquets of flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and trendy food ideas on social media. Every once in a while, you'll listen to a slow song and think to yourself, "Wow! This would be perfect for a first dance," too. Long story short: You've got a lot of your big day figured out. You didn't know about this dog bridesmaid dress that's a total game-changer, though. Well, until now.

To be honest, you've thought about how to include your pup in your wedding before. In fact, you've mentioned the idea to your SO many times, and they giggled because they know you'll make it happen somehow. They know how much you love your little fluff, and how there's not a day that goes by that you don't want to play fetch or go to the park with them. It's understandable — I mean, they're so cute, and you're grateful that they're willing to share the couch on your movie date nights. (Phew!)

It's only right that they make a great appearance at the ceremony and reception. You can already picture them wearing a chic outfit, walking down the aisle, and sitting right near the rest of your bridal party. They would intently watch you say your vows and slip a ring onto your finger, and possibly give an encouraging "woof" or two. They would be 100 percent excited for you and the beautiful moments that are to come. But, they also need this dog bridesmaid dress to turn this vision into reality. Let's make it happen, OK?

What's the scoop on this dog bridesmaid dress?


First things first: Let me give you the scoop on this bridesmaid dress that's meant for making your pup look fancy on your wedding day. According to Bustle, it's by Birmingham, UK-based Etsy shop The Posh Paws Company and comes with coordinating accessories like a satin hair slide or headband bow. It's handmade with soft satin, with polyester netting and poly cotton for a lining.

The top design includes a detailed collar, along with the bodice, and shoulders that make the sleeves look fitted (but still allow your dog to move and shake on the dance floor). The bottom design includes a full skirt that'll make your pup feel like Cinderella, and a bow that sits near the waistline. Are you tearing up just thinking about it? Same.

The dress comes in 12 different colors, but can be customized to match your color scheme if you provide a fabric sample. Along with the different colors, like cream, pale pink, and olive green, there are also different sizes available so that your fur baby looks beautiful and well-dressed in the bridesmaid dress. (Now, the shop owner knows that every dog isn't going to necessarily fit into those given sizes, and also allows you to submit custom measurements, if you would like to.)

How can you purchase one for your pup?


Honestly, you were convinced at the start of this article that this is something your dog needs for your wedding day. But, now more than ever, you're looking to hit the "purchase" button. Here's how you can get your paws on one of these bridesmaid dresses, like, now.

Start by heading to The Posh Paws Company listing for this dog bridesmaid dress. Decide on the color and sizing that's going to be best for your celebration, pictures, and pup, and include any other details in the customization box provided that you think the seller should know. Then, go through the checkout process by entering your shipping and billing information.

The cost of this item will entirely depend on the size. (An XXS costs $80.75, an XS costs $94.21, a S costs $107.67, a M costs $121.13, and a large costs $148.05.) It's worth every penny, because you're getting a one-of-a-kind outfit for your pup, for a day that's dedicated to making one-of-a-kind memories.

What other essentials does your pup need for your wedding day?


Aside from this dog bridesmaid dress, your pup needs other essentials for your wedding day so that everything is paw-fect. They need their own food and water dish so that they stay hydrated, well-fed, and well taken care of. In addition, they may want a bow or bowtie to change into for the reception, just in case they get tired of wearing their beautiful bridesmaid dress.

Other than that, though, your pup should be good to go for celebrating your love with your SO on your big day. Do your guests a favor and put one of their paw prints on the invitations, OK? It'll be almost as cute as your pet walking down the aisle right before you say, "I do."