I Went To Disneyland Just For The Food & Rounded Up The Must-Try Treats

I'm beyond blessed to live so close to Disneyland. Any day when I don't have plans can easily become a Disney day at a moment's notice. That's exactly what happened a few weekends ago — I put on my Mickey ears and hit the road to Anaheim. As much as I love riding Big Thunder Mountain and taking selfies with Donald Duck, I decided this trip would solely be dedicated to the food. I even put together this Disneyland food guide for anyone out there who would like to follow in my footsteps.

Everyone knows Disneyland for its epic thrill rides and magical characters walking the grounds, but the snacks are truly my favorite part about visiting. Not only has Disney nailed down its food so everything tastes amazing, but all the treats are incredibly Instagram-worthy. A good foodie knows how important 'Gram-ability is for food; before you take that first bite, you need to snap some pics.

Of course, there are the staples like Mickey-shaped pretzels and churros, but Disney is always coming out with limited-time menus you need to try while you're there as well. If you're hungry and need a little help finding just the right treats, let me be your guide. Just follow along with my recent food journey, and you'll be walking away with a full stomach and lots of good memories.

First Stop: Coffee And A Mickey Macaron
Rachel Chapman

On a busy Disneyland day, you may want to kick things off with coffee. I love stopping by the Jolly Holiday Bakery for a latte. While I'm there, I always get a Mickey-shaped macaron. When I last visited, they had Mickey Mummy Macarons for Halloween, but I've also had Mickey Mouse Macarons and Raspberry Rose Mickey Macarons as well.

Grab A Classic Treat From Main Street
Rachel Chapman

There are many classic Disney snacks like popcorn, pretzels, churros, Dole Whip, and of course, the Mickey-shaped ice cream. On my most recent trip, I decided it was pretzel time. I normally love the traditional Mickey-shaped pretzel with a side of cheese for dipping, but this time, I grabbed a cream cheese-filled pretzel from the Corner Cafe.

Try One Of The Milks From Galaxy's Edge
Rachel Chapman

Since my friends hadn't visited Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge yet, I made them try each one of the milks from the Milk Stand. When you order, you just have to pick blue or green. I think every Star Wars fan who's on a foodie tour should give them a try. You're definitely in for a tasty treat.

Grab A Ronto Wrap As You Walk Through The 'Star Wars' Marketplace
Rachel Chapman

While you're in Galaxy's Edge, you should grab a Ronto Wrap from the Ronto Roasters. It's roasted pork and grilled pork sausage paired with tangy coleslaw, all wrapped up in a pita. It tastes better than I could ever describe, and it's a quick treat to grab on the go.

Stop By The Main Street Bakery For A Rice Krispie Treat
Rachel Chapman

Make sure to stop at the bakery on Main Street: Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen. I always have to grab a Rice Krispie Treat (or two) while I'm there. You can also get an Instagram-worthy candy apple or cake pop. Whatever you decide on, be sure to take a picture of your treat with the castle in the background.

The Bread Pudding Takes The Win
Rachel Chapman

In California Adventure, I went straight to the Pacific Wharf Café for my favorite dish at Disneyland: the bread pudding. They're always switching up the flavor, so you never know what you're going to get until you arrive. I had the Maple Bacon Bread Pudding and it was perfect for my bacon-loving heart.

Grab A Punny Treat From Cars Land
Rachel Chapman

If you're in Cars Land, you should grab a snack from one of the Cozy Cones. They have ice cream cones, Chili Cone queso, and more. If you're looking for something savory, I like to get the Mac 'n' Cheese Cone which is now served with Chile-Cheese Puffs in a black bread cone for Halloween.